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So, last week was weird… because unlike most weeks, I spent it in New York.

new york
from @UglyDucklingDIY Instagram feed

The quick explanation: Lowe’s asked a few bloggers to share some easy DIY tips, and as an added treat, offered to fly us all up to NYC to see our tips filmed for their #LowesFixinSix Vine series. Which look a little something like this:

I’m still in the midst of organizing and editing the photos I took while behind the scenes, walking around the city, and maybe even a video clip or two, so expect a recap coming soon. It will probably be a two-parter, since I deliberately few up there with a day on either side to do some exploring (as you may recall, my only other time up to New York was to visit Carrie from Brick City Love and tour Hearst Tower with Good Housekeeping, then hop on a plane and fly right back… so yeah, I wanted a little bit more sightseeing this time!).

behind the scenes lowesfixinsix
We had a casting call for a walnut… seriously.

The crew was pretty fun to watch, and learning about stop motion animation was pretty damn geektastic. So there’s lots and lots to share (beer, celebrities, getting lost on the subway, seeing Carrie again, meeting other DIY bloggers in person for the first time, getting flashed – sort of – by an NYU student*, etc.).

Grown men playing with creepy dolls.

And true to form, I got right back into the DIY groove when I got home… there’s paint on my hands and a little bit of joint compound in my hair, so lots of home updates to catch you up on, too. I need your help on an art project for the dining room, and I’ve moved on to the walls in the kitchen, which is the LAST room in this house that needs skim coating. Huzzah!

Gosh, that’s starting to feel like a lot of writing. But I’m up for it. Expect the first update to go up between tonight & tomorrow.

P.S. How was your week? Would love to hear what you’ve been working on.


*Of course I took a picture. Who wouldn’t? I’m debating if I should put a censor bar and blur out the weirdo’s face, Tosh.0-style, or if I should just not share the photo. But then again, this whole blog is one great big overshare. We’ll see!

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  1. Share the flasher!!! If you can talk about bikini waxing, you can share an overzealous college kid. And truth be told… a flasher about as G-rated as they come in NYC! I’ve got stories…

  2. Looks like that was a really fin and interesting experience! I rarely see a girl who enjoys having paint on her hair than getting it dyed in a salon. You’re amazing! I’d definitely want to see more of your projects!