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I gave myself a deadline for this Saturday to be ready to install the vanity for the guest bath, and I’m happy to report that (so far) I’m keeping my promise.

To further cement the idea that this shit is going to happen this weekend (at least, to myself), I went ahead and picked out the paint color. You may recall from my guest bath mood board that I was planning on a little more of a de-cluttered, not-so-feminine vibe in here:

…which is interesting – considering just how cluttered the room is right with all of the crap I’ve dragged into the room to keep me trudging along.

To further prove this is moving along past the paint sample stage – boom:  a whole actual gallon, sitting in my messy bathroom.

A rep from the new Clark + Kensington paint line (sold at Ace Hardware) has asked me to try it out with my vast trial-and-error(-and-not-at-all-professional) expertise. All I can say so far is that I’m really digging the color I’ve chosen, and the names for the paint swatches in the deck aren’t half bad. The one I’m going with is called Winter Chill:  a soft, cozy, purpley gray that will serve as a perfect backdrop for the sketch shower curtain and bicycle wall art.

All that’s still left to do before being ready to paint is finish sanding a few more uneven spots and wipe everything down. My method:  marking each spot with a little painter’s tape. So very, very close!

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