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True to my word last week, I now have a functioning toilet in the guest bathroom:

Sure, it may be a bathroom that doesn’t have a door yet, but it now has paint – and I’m officially no longer the girl who can only pee downstairs.

The room still has plenty more to go:  attaching trim, installing the vanity, hooking up the sink, re-grouting some of the shower tile, and even decorating the room. I am so excited, I can barely keep myself from working on it all night to get some of it done (I stopped at caulking the door casing).

This was my first-ever toilet installation, so I learned quite a bit. Coming up later this week, I’ll show you what I figured out and the nifty tools that came with the box. It was surprisingly easy. If it weren’t for my inability to carry the box upstairs by myself (I had Dad and our family friend up for a visit), I probably could have done the entire installation on my own.

And on a completely unrelated note, I actually got out of the house for a little while on Friday night. The end of the night still included more sanding and wearing a respirator, but it was the first time I’ve ever gotten makeup on one. Who knows? Maybe this means I can expect to have a life soon after all. More soon!

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  1. Awesome! In the hopefully near future, I'll be remodeling my master bath (I've owned my house for 3 years, the master bath doesn't have a shower and so I never use that bathroom) and I'll need to replace the toilet. Looking forward to hearing how you did it – maybe I can do it by myself without needing help. Woo hoo!

  2. Ohh I'm excited to read all about it. We are toilet shopping ourselves right now. Give me some tips!

  3. Really enjoy this blog! I'm new to the blogging world and your blog has been an inspiration to get my own going! Thank you Sarah!

  4. Woohoo! Seriously, there is not much better in life than a brand new toilet!