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Wow, July has gone by so fast! And to think, just a month ago I didn’t have this little bug in my life to keep things interesting around the Ugg-duck.

Charlie has taken a liking to my dirty laundry. As in, whenever I create a pile of laundry for the wash, she takes it upon herself to turn it into a bed.


She likes to bring her toys to the pile. And take any treats I give her (she’s learning “sit” and “lay down”) back to the pile to eat.

Nom nom nom

She’ll patiently wait there while I’m wandering around the kitchen, which is a blessing considering that A) she’s not wandering around the rest of the house looking to break her awesome housebreaking streak and B) she’s not following me around nipping at my shoes.

Charlie’s doing her best to be obedient, but she’s definitely got an independent, curious side. So I was really happy that a good role model could stop by for the weekend.

Recognize this guy?

He’s not as crazy about Charlie as she is about him, but it’s good to have him back in the house. And she’s quickly learning that her biting and nipping is not going to be tolerated.

Charlie likes to splay out across the floor and extend her back legs whenever possible.

Funny enough, she’s also learned that standing underneath a dog when he lifts his leg is not the place you want to be. Because then it means you have to get another bath. But at least she has company!

Oh, and be sure to check in on the site over the weekend… I have two prizes in a giveaway next week, and it’s the biggest prize I’ve given so far! So get your butts back over here soon!

*All photos were taken with phone cameras; please forgive the picture quality!

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