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I seem to be making a very specific word pun this year. I can’t even explain. Just ride out the crazy, mmkay?

After a few days off of work to celebrate Christmas with the family, I went to bed knowing that in the morning, I’d be itching to try out all my new shtuff (spelled that way on purpose).

Like my new router.

I hugged it like any kid would hug a new toy… with both arms and a big goofy grin on my face. My dad sure knows his daughter!

Mom picked out the perfect camera bundle for me and I’ve already had a little fun taking some family photos to share with you later (the bundle is the same as the image below – tripod, wireless remote shutter, and monopod – which I didn’t even realize was an actual thing, but glad to have it now!).

Mom was also determined to get a shot at some point during the day of Charlie and I (her complaint is always that Charlie’s in the shot for the blog, but we’re never in it together). It took a few funny noises, but she eventually got Charlie’s attention, and I’m thankful for this shot:

But it wasn’t all equipment-only:  I got some great new shoes too. Love these so much, I couldn’t bear to take them off my feet all day. And if I weren’t working from home this week (and therefore barefoot as much as humanly possible), I’d be wearing them to the office too.

And I also have a little cash burning in my pocket (in my family, it’s a tradition to have an envelope with a little cash in it as an additional present wedged in the tree). I know exactly what I’ll use the money for (since I’ve put money aside for the remainder):

These BESTA cabinets are the perfect slim (plus conceal) storage for the study-o. I’m pretty sure I’ll choose different doors, but this will be a huge win for organization at the Ugg-Duck! I would consider building shelves, but it’s already three projects down on the build list and I know unless I spend the money now, I will hesitate buying these for another year (or more).

For those that celebrated, how was your Christmas? My sister is currently in London celebrating Boxing Day, so a big hello to friends across the globe! Hope you have a great week!

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