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It sounds like a bad or boring thing to entitle this post More Cabinet Doors, but when it comes to the progression of this kitchen, more of anything is pretty damn good. Behold:

white upper cabinet doors

That, my friends, is an entire section of my kitchen (the whole unit next to the fridge) with all of the doors re-attached. I was cursing even more than I did last week when trying to install the smaller ones above the fridge itself, but in the end, they all succumbed to my stubbornness. AND, they’re even level. Fist bump.

hang cabinet doors straight
Dust on top of fridge: still intact.

I still have five more doors to complete, and they have just received their first coat (of primer). I’ll be adding paint to them this evening. And then it’s all about some cabinet knobs (oh, you just know those jokes are coming too, don’t you?).

dueling DIY kitchen

This post may have been short & sweet, but sometimes, that’s just how I like them.

that's what she said
img: UberFacts

Anywho, time for your progress! A bunch of you guys have been posting your reveals already (I may feature those next week as well if I find I’m still scrambling to get the doors up).

And don’t forget to check out Carrie’s progress. I’ve been seeing some of her posts on Instagram, so I know she’s got something to share!

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  1. You are too funny. Hope things are going well with the new job and trying to tie up all the loose ends. Cabinets looking good and the hardware will be great to see on. It is a bummer you won’t be able to enjoy it but think of the resale with all the work you have done. Not everyone is a DIY’er and so they will be thrilled with all your hard work.

  2. I love the title of the post! I am impressed that you were able to hang those yourself. That is something I would definitely make a friend help me with.