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My little staycation has resulted (so far) in the following:
new bedding - from the @uglyducklingDIY blog
  • more clean laundry
  • open space in my hall linen closet
  • a cushy, reorganized primary bed (thanks to a new mattress pad and rolling out the new duvet cover and pillows)
  • a nearly finished workbench (more on that later)
  • and finally, thick, stubborn wallpaper.

I’m telling you, I will be lucky to get it all off by the week’s end. I was hoping to get a lot more done this week, but I’m deliberately telling myself that December will not be spent on holiday decorating, but on getting the dining room into shape. After moving all of the furniture out of the room, I’m attacking the window first (since in my experience, wallpaper peels more easily from these corners than any other). Once that’s done, it’s skim coat time. Thankfully, only the top half of the room is covered in wallpaper, leaving the largest wallpapered space (my kitchen) as the last room in the house with the dreaded paper to ever have to deal with in this house.

dining room wallpaper removal
dining room wallpaper removal

This post is just a quick update, since I am determined to get back at it to get the rest down before the end of the day. Hope you’re having a good one!


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  1. Hi Sarah!

    I LOVE your bedroom – I'm sure you've mentioned what color paint you used, but would you mind re-sharing that color with me. I'm looking for a color JUST like that one.


  2. Hello there,
    Well, it's official, you have a follower (or is following a bit to cult-ish?) in France. I stumbled onto your blog via the pinterest challenge and you made it to the bookmark folder ! (Congrats!!!)
    I have to say i'm in awe of the whole i'm a student/full timejob/full time house restorator part.
    I'm not a completely weird person who say random nice things to strangers on the internet (though that would be an awesome job, i want to do that when i grow up), i actually had something to say about wallpaper. it's THE main wall decoration in France (paint is getting there, but still…) so we kick a** at taking it off. And the easiest way we found is with the steamer. A trifecta of women delight: A design better/after effect, a spa treatment and a great workout for the arms. What's not to love? (apart from the glue fumes, the gross stickiness, etc.)
    You probably knew that or maybe you just don't like steamer (what?, that could totally happen…)
    SOoooo i'm gonna stop talking now…
    I want to say “keep up the good work”, but that sound like something a lame old guy would say (does it?) yet, the feeling is there.

    1. Even with the steamer, the paper is just very stubborn. The first two walls we used a pro steamer from Home Depot, and it's still not going to budge! I think it has to do with how old the wallpaper is (before the glue-backed versions) and that the paper was applied directly to the drywall with no sizing/priming beforehand. Makes the whole thing much harder, but I appreciate the suggestion!

  3. I'm sure you'll get LOTS of suggestions….BUT…..I once removed old wallpaper from bare drywall using a mixture of fabric softener and vinegar. I've since heard that using either one or the other will work, you don't need to mix them. Apparently the fabric softener “thickens” the water slightly, which makes it stick to the wallpaper long enough for it to soak the glue off. It worked like a CHARM!!!!! 1 pt softener to 4 pt boiling water….spray on. I was AMAZED…. I removed a whole house of ugly old paper with it. Good luck! This is my LEAST favorite household job, for sure!

    1. I've tried that too, and stain remover works as well if you can soak the paper backing (the glue) with it. The stain remover will break down the proteins in the glue and the paper will peel right off. Lots of different methods are effective. This just happens to be a REALLY stubborn paper. Thank you for the tip though, I'm sure someone will find it useful!

  4. I love the pillows on your bed – I have the small grey one on my couch (go target). Where did you get the big yellow ones? They are awesome!

    Can't wait for full picks of the dining room.

    1. I got the big yellow ones from Homegoods some time ago. I've been waiting until I had all of the other elements for the bed to put them on. Kinda sorry I waited now; they seem right at home in that spot!

  5. Wow, your bedroom looks great! Good luck on the wallpaper. You are brave to skim coat; I did it over a textured wall in my bathroom… it looked like sh!t after. I could never get is smooth.

  6. Every time I take days off work I say the exact same thing… I thought I would be getting more done! But progress is progress, and it takes the time it takes. Can't wait to see that dining room DONE!

  7. geez. i was about to tell you how fabric softener sprayed on made ours easier until i read the above comments. poo. heres to hoping it doesnt drive you mad.

    good luck!