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It figures. As soon as I come back from beautiful, sunny weather in San Francisco:

San Francisco hillside

… Atlanta has an identity crisis and freezes, rains, and warms all within the same week. To be fair, I hear other parts of the country are going from 65 to 30 degrees (and back again) too, so I suppose there’s not too much to complain about, except that it kind of put a snag in all of the tree-chopping fun that began on Monday.


Things have gone relatively smoothly, but the rain is interrupting things a little. A wet yard means that the heavy equipment needed to get in and out might get stuck, so the tree crew is choosing to wait things out a little before hauling the thick trunks away and grinding out each stump. So, in the meantime, both of the yards around my house looks like a giant game of Lincoln Logs:

Lincoln Logs

Yeah. It probably goes without saying, but if I wasn’t already the embarrassment of the neighborhood, I’m pretty sure this isn’t doing me any favors.

Upside? The whole neighborhood (including my car) smells like fresh pine.


I have to take a quick trip to Alabama this week, so I’m also willing to bet that it’s going to dry out just enough while I’m gone for the crew to slip in and out of my yard like a ghost (because isn’t that how things always go when you want to take pictures of things?). Which as of right now, I can’t decide is a good thing (where I get to avoid a day of distracting machinery noises and stump grinding while I do the ol’ day job) or a bad thing (where I miss out on seeing all of the heavy equipment in action).

One thing is for sure right now though: Charlie isn’t quite sure what to make of things yet. Both because there are giant freaking logs taking up her back yard, and the fact that rain is coming down straight out of the sky without a heavy pine canopy to keep her from getting soaked. Poor pup.

Hopefully by Friday, I’ll have another update so you can see how different things look. It’s honestly kind of freaky to see a great big hole in the sky where branches used to be!

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  1. Another bonus: all the pinterest worthy crafts with your millions of fresh pinecones! JUST THINK OF THE WREATHS AND BIRD FEEDERS FOR THE HOMELESS BIRDS (wait… do birds live in pine trees? I wouldn’t want to, if I were a bird…)

    1. Btw, I figured you wanted the other one deleted (no worries about that!)… I can’t directly reply to it because WordPress will approve the comment if I do, but I got ya!