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Hey folks! So, you’ve already met Caroline (who shares my taste in decor) and Sara and Pam (incredibly talented foodies), but today, I’m going to introduce you to another amazing contributor for the UDH: Lindi, of Love Create Celebrate.

announcing lindi - love create celebrate

I have been working all weekend and the drier parts of this week to finish up the foundation of the pub shed and get a lengthy post up (plus answer those questions I know you’re raising an eyebrow at me about permits and such), so it seemed like no better time to show you guys some of Lindi’s fantastic projects and why (obviously) I asked her to contribute some easy DIY and woodworking ideas to the UDH. Take a look, for example, at the project that first led me to her blog — this modern bath caddy:

Woodworking + epoxy + ways to use up my scrap pile? Love it.

Lindi has gorgeous photography (the desire of every DIY/interior blogger), but what I also like about her blog is that she has lots of real life thrown in. Guys, blogging is still a pretty new industry as far as jobs go, and it gets more challenging to keep up with changes in social media rules, online analytics, all of those “algorithms” you hear about, etc. almost daily (the geeky stuff, but often the stuff that can make or break whether or not new readers find your site). And with that comes a lot of pressure to take perfect shots and “sharable” content while still having a life and walking the dog and conference calls and all that behind-the-scenes boring madness. It’s frankly a lot of BS, and I love blogs who still have the guts to show me that they’re human too. For example, this gorgeous DIY bench Lindi made is enviously styled and simple, but see the floor? THERE’S SAWDUST ON IT. Trying to achieve that “perfect” shot when uploading photos to please the social media gods requires way too much floor sweeping. I CAN SOOOO RELATE to the realness of this (while still adding “build an entryway bench” to my to-do list).

But, like I said, she’s also got some great tips for build projects, like cutting glass for these simple bathroom mirrors (I recognized the faucet line she used as the same style I used in the primary bath shower, ha).

Normally, DIY signs aren’t something I blog much about (take pieces of wood, glue or nail them together as a group and paint them, done). But this DIY sign is another project that got my attention because it’s a great idea for keeping holiday decor to a minimum. One one side, it’s fall decor; on the other, it’s ready for Christmas (so instead of storing two things, she just walks into the room the day after Thanksgiving and flips it around… smart idea).

And I know it’s a bit early to start thinking about Christmas, but her mini deer ornament project from last year is pretty great, too. Lap crafts for the holidays are the best!

So, please give a warm welcome to Lindi, check out her blog, and come back tomorrow for her first project as a DIY contributor for the UDH (hint hint below). I think you’ll like it!

A great way to use those scrap wood pieces! You can make these modern square napkins rings in no time at all! Perfect for your next dinner party!

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