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I don’t know what it is specifically, but this January, my to-do list has never been more on my mind. Several weeks ago, I shared with you a number of personal, home, and blogging goals for what I wanted 2015 to be about. Since then, I’ve been a woman on a mission. Each week has been more productive than the last, and I’m both surprised and thrilled that I feel like my DIY mojo is back.

So, since it’s the beginning of a new month, I thought looking at those goals again and reflecting on how I did could be a helpful way to keep the momentum going, see what I accomplished so far, and set new goals if needed (there is at least one BIG one I forgot, so yeah). I suspect that priorities will shift and I’ll wind up with entirely new goals every now and then, but by recapping each month, I’ll both feel a sense of accomplishment (in that I actually did do things, despite how I might feel the opposite sometimes) and renew my focus on what’s left to be done.

Personal Goals

Separating work from home (while I work from home), clutter control, and getting out of the house more often. Status: HAM

Guys, this past month was so productive. And I think a lot of that has to do with finally severing the work-from-anywhere crutch. As awesome as it is to be able to work in whatever room I please, it took me nearly nine months to figure out that this benefit doesn’t necessarily mean more productivity (read more about that on this post). By moving my laptop into  my office permanently, I found the focus I needed. I also added a second monitor to hook up on my laptop, which pretty much doubled my ability to multitask (it was such a habit from working in software that I’m surprised it took me this long to get another screen!). I’m out of the bedroom, eating better (eh, sort of), and more efficient, which also means I can make time for other things, like this:

As I predicted, this is most definitely the year of less stuff. The Great Purge may have started in 2014, but with the addition of some new bookshelves in the office, organization is happening at a much swifter pace. I’ve found the key for me is to set aside 15 minutes on a specific day of the week (it varies week to week) and just begin sorting through stuff. Most of the time, I go well past the 15-minute mark and come out with another section of the house conquered. Granted, the picture above was after cleaning out my craft supply closet, Charlie’s toys (she hoards them under the guest bed), AND all of the packaging from some recent mail (more on that later), but still – each week, I’m always throwing away something and filling up boxes for Goodwill. And it makes me very happy. I started calling it “The Pride in the Pile”

Not quite there yet, but I’m getting better at it. (Name that song.)

As for getting out of the house, I’ve been branching out to find some new fitness groups and meeting up with friends for dinner. While neither of those things are dating (like I stated in the goals list), it’s still forcing me to meet new people and have a little fun, which is win-win anyway.

Blog Goals

More regular posting, small creative DIYs, and a few personal updates. Status: Picking up speed

While I’d like to get back up to 3 or 4 posts per week, 2 or 3 is a comfortable pace for now. And I just recently shared my creative DIY project for January, with plenty of ideas for my next project. The “love story” post is in draft as we speak, but since it’s somewhat long, it’s taking time to go through and edit (trying to be honest without sounding sappy may be harder than I thought). Should be ready in time for Valentine’s Day, though, and I’m excited to finally share it once it’s ready.

Elizabeth Bradley anemone needlepoint

Oh! And I nearly forgot to list this one (again): I’ve had a new blog design in the works for some time now. The hardest part is that since I know how to change backend functionality myself, deciding on a layout and then sticking with it is tough. Just when I’ve found a way to organize things that I like in a way that I think will be easier to navigate, I get another idea that sweeps me in a different direction. Once I know I can live with it long enough, it will be up and ready. So stay tuned for that.

Home Goals

Kitchen, laundry room, office, dining room, exterior. Status: More to come

The kitchen’s getting more organized, the office has seen some major changes (see here for more details on the new design plan), and I’ve been working on projects in the dining room and the exterior that I haven’t shared yet. I’m absolutely loving it, so a reveal’s coming up soon (sneak peek on Instagram, too!).

leaning bookshelf

All in all, not bad for a single month into 2015, especially when 2014 left a lot to be desired. What are your goals for February?

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  1. Yes, you have been posting so much! Now, I know this is a pain, however, if you record all you donations it makes a difference in your taxes. We use Turbo Tax and when I do “my part” and put in all our donations (mostly clothing) the numbers just add up! I am so glad you found a place to focus and get your work done. It is necessary to do that! Things are sounding like you are off on the right foot this year!

    1. I’m definitely keeping track of my donations. Goodwill makes it super easy and provides tracking numbers to add to an account, so you can get the tax info at the end of the year in one swoop.

  2. Absolutely love this blog. Really entertaining and really enjoyable to read – glad I came across this! Good luck with the future!

  3. I am always looking for wonderful and creative ways to organize and display! I love these shelves you created because they are easy to make and offer lots of creative storage.