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Today marks the 6-month anniversary of the first official day of living in my new house. Even though my closing took place at the end of December of 2009, my apartment lease did not end until January 22, which gave Scott and I nearly four full weeks of time to clean, prep, and move into our new home.

So, in honor of this 6-month marker, I would like to take the time today to reflect on all of our accomplishments thus far in our home remodeling progress:

1. First, we cleaned and painted the ceiling. The carpet was shampooed, and the air vents were cleaned out.

2. I bought new appliances for the kitchen, and painted the pantry.

3. I painted the living room and hallways. Twice. Then we painted the trim and installed 2″ faux wood blinds.

4. We added a gate to the backyard fence to allow for Colby to run around without having to search for him around the neighborhood.

5. We installed two new smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and replaced every light switch in the house.

6. I caulked and insulated both sets of our bay windows for more energy efficiency.

7. We managed to paint the tallest walls in our house (the hallway stairs) without breaking any bones.

8. I painted the primary bedroom, craft room, and laundry room along with all of the trim and doorways. 2″ faux wood blinds were installed on each window. TGIF (Thank God I’m Finished)!

9. We carefully selected our new laminate flooring, ripped up the old carpet, and began installation. We’re now working our way through the downstairs dining room and living room.

10. I created large holes in my walls. I then learned how to patch large holes in my walls.

11. I found an excellent painter’s tape, and an easy way to paint doors without the fuss of removing them from the hinges.

12. I grew (and then killed) a flowerpot full of basil. I also discovered some effortless (but beautiful) new growth in my yard.

13. I used Craigslist to get rid of an ugly old birdbath. And to find a craft room chair.

14. I created my first-ever mood board for the craft room, and then designed a craft room desk that we are going to build.

15. I created a blog!  And somehow found the energy to write, work, remodel, study for going to grad school, and still maintain our busy life with friends and family. 

Phew.  I’m tired and happy, but there’s still so much more to be done. Many thanks go out to all of the help, patience, and advice I’ve been given over these last six months. And even more thanks for all of the help, patience and advice to come in the next six! This is sure to be one busy summer, so be sure to keep checking in with me as we continue to navigate through the tricky (but fun) adventure of home remodeling!

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