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There’s really no hope for me just working on the study-o for now…

I guess I want my new bath too much to leave it alone! Or, more likely, I just want to brush my teeth and shower in the same room again. And since I’ve already done a tutorial for repairing a wall with joint compound, you can skip ahead and read about what I’ll be doing over the next few days (or depending on the school schedule, weeks) here.

By the way, that bench that you see in the above pic was recommended to me by the DIYdiva, and as part of this site’s purpose, I’m passing along the recommendation to all of you. If you haven’t considered one before, a folding painter’s bench (or “work platform” as it seems to be called here) is so much better than the traditional step ladder for many projects around the home. Instead of constantly climbing up and down when you paint (or in my case, smooth a wall), you can stay up in your work space longer. Fewer trips may mean less of a leg workout, and it sure saves my sore back!

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  1. Wow, you must have a big house, according to the specs on the platform:
    “Platform length (ft.) : 39.5
    Platform material : Aluminum
    Product Weight (lb.) : 14 “

    It is a whopping 39.5 feet long :)

    It actually sounds like a nice idea, I get tired of moving a small ladder when I'm cutting in the walls.

  2. Our contractor buddy left his aluminum painter's bench at our place, but it's far too short for my 5'0″ self! Our ceilings are 9 ft so I was stuck with manhandling a ladder all over the room.

  3. Crazy how different is working on that bench than a step ladder, isn't it? I never would have guessed, but it's my go-to step now. (Also good for quick work-break naps!)

  4. I bought one of these work platforms after reading this post and LOVE it! We just bought a second one so my husband and I can both be on one at the same time. Thank you for the great tip!