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In terms of the kitchen project, I’m running out of time (and since the days are getting shorter – daylight!) before my aunt and uncle come to visit. In other words, I’m going to need to bust my ass after work each day this week to get the remaining cabinets painted. While things are going somewhat smoothly (I have the paint and all of my other supplies thanks to already having been through this with the lower cabinets), I ran into a little bit of a difference for the upper cabs. For starters, there are more of them than the lower set, so I’m expanding into the dining room to give myself the space to paint everything at the same time:

I’ve also noticed that my upper cabinets – in some places, but not all of them, which is just so like my house to be inconsistent – some areas have wimpy little bits of molding tacked to the top. I assume that these areas are like this because the cabinets would look even cheaper without them and cover up some awkward spacing. Naturally, I pulled out the high tech tools expressly made for this type of removal. My bare hands…

…and a stray butter knife I had inexplicably left on the kitchen window sill.  (Warning, gross picture coming up soon!)

The knife wasn’t dirty (at least not until I began prying off molding) – but the knife is really old, cheap, and tarnished. Which probably explains why I may have used it for another purpose and refused to put it back in the drawer. But, regardless, random knife on the sill is now my impromptu wimpy-molding-prying-thing:

Yeah… that’s just gross. (Oh, come on, this is The Ugly Duckling House after all…)

No matter – just like the lower cabinets, everything’s getting a massive scrub-down and coat of fresh primer. If you don’t hear from me a lot this week, assume my ick factor just prevented me from posting until the cabinets don’t give me the heebies anymore.

What are you planning to tackle this week?


P.S. Want to see more gross reality of DIYing an old home? That’s okay, sicko – I won’t judge ;)  Check out some of my favorite ugly posts here and here.

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  1. Oh man – finding leftover funk is the worst. We finally removed the lights in the hallway and found dead bugs (no surprise there) and then a horrible shower of MOUSE CRAP. I’m not sure I have ever been so disgusted.

  2. Leftover funk is narshty! When we moved into this house, it looked pretty darn clean. The owner even bragged about the professional cleaning job. Which was all well and good until I accidentally knocked a filter out of the stove fan, and decided to decorate the tops of the cabinets in the kitchen. FUNK-E. Dust bunnies the size of large cats, cobwebs we should have just left up for Halloween, and yes, cockroach AND mouse crap. And don’t get me started on that filter screen. Suffice it to say I just went and bought 2 new ones.

    So, you have fun with your ick, and I’m going to sit over here and continue to ponder how the hell to get nails out of aluminum studs (thanks Hubs).

  3. It’ll feel so good when it’s done. Keep at it!
    Looking forward to the finished kitchen reveal…

  4. I was in a hurry today so I was just reading off the email, until I got to the warning!! I had to look online just to see how gross the picture was LOL ….. :-) its definitely gross. Sicko? Yep! lol

  5. That’s quite the project but it looks like it’s coming along nicely. I have to ask though, what are those little yellow pyramids under the doors?

    If I could offer some advice. Buy one of those inexpensive blue tarps from your favorite Home supply store and put it over the floor in your dining room. It will save you a lot of work (and grief) when you get a splotch on your knee only to transfer it to your floor. Or when something get’s kicked something over.

    It’s a lot of work, but when it’s all done your cabinets will look great.

  6. So I was catching myself up with your cabinet redo, and I saw Benjamin Moore chips, and I said out loud- Yeah! Then I looked closer and saw Decorators White, and said NOOOO! ( I realize I should probably keep it to myself, but since I help people pick out paint colors at Benjamin Moore for their cabinets, like, pretty much daily, I had to stick my nose in) So maybe, if there’s any chance you didn’t buy the paint yet ( most likely you’re on top of it, so you have) you might want to get another white other than DecoratorsWhite. I’d recommend bm’s Simply White (for a clean, but only less blueish, sterile white) Ok, I’ll stop I’m sure you’ll get tons of advise ;) Love watching your kitchen transform!

    1. Too late! I’ve got the gallon already. I picked it out after comparing it to the bottom cabinets & everything else. It seemed ok to me and I’ve seen LOTS of positive reviews, so I’m just going to go with it and see what happens! :)

      1. See, I knew you’d be fine! I worry too much :) Ill be anticipating seeing the results. Paint on, my friend!

  7. Our nursery! And I’m super-dee-duper excited about it! We finally chose a paint color and Hubs says the room will be done being painted this week. WOOHOO! =]