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As soon as I got home from work and school last night, I grabbed a small pry bar and got to work on the remaining wimpy molding on the upper cabinets.

I didn’t even stop to clean the floor or change out of my work attire. But before I knew it, I was on a roll:  molding off (after a lot of awkward angles and stubborn nails), liquid deglosser standing by… and a lot of cabinet doors to scrub down. Here is a better photo of the liquid sander I’m using (last time, I couldn’t find an updated picture online of their packaging)… Klean-Strip Easy Liquid Sander/Deglosser.

Even though it dries in 10-15 minutes and is paint ready as soon as it’s dry, I only got the cabinets themselves wiped down before it was 11 pm and I’d had enough (a full day of work, then school, then working on a new web design for a client will do that to ya). It’s probably for the best, since I’ll be able to give it a once-over just to make sure I got all of the corners and edges. But tonight, we’re talking full-on cabinet door wipe down and the best part of it all… PRIMING. It is going to feel so good to see that oak disappear to clean, paint-ready white.

And speaking of feeling good, check out that sunset I snagged a picture of last night. Even on a busy day, it’s nice to stop for a few minutes and appreciate seasons changing over.

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  1. Haha, I love this post title! You must be way more careful than I am to DIY in heels :) I can’t wait to see the finished kitchen!

  2. Nice pic of the sunset. My sister took a similar pic at my nephew’s football game a couple of weeks back when I was there.