laundry room with painting and hanging space

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Hey folks! I’ve got good news and bad news. Good news: I actually finished a room. In less than a week. Without a lot of swearing and tool-throwing, too.

If you have been reading this blog for longer than five minutes, you know how rare those three sentences (in any combination) are. But also, bad news: after hurriedly trying to meet a few off-the-blog deadlines in addition, the part of my mind that knows how to put sentences in a proper order and write detailed tutorials is in need of a little R&R while I get a few holiday-related items dealt with. My poor brain no make good words. And I swear, spiked eggnog was not involved.*

*Ok, MAYBE a tinsel wig was, though. And Santa has a thing for IPAs, just FYI.

As usual, me being quiet on the blog means that there is quite a lot of activity going on behind the scenes. Also, how in the world did all of my friends manage to have December birthdays? Oh, and I somehow managed to cut my right hand in virtually the same spot twice in a row (once on a knife as I was loading the dishwasher; the other was during my actual project, which I find myself much more forgiving about). A handful of small woodworking projects, gift ideas, and the big reveal are in the works too, so there may be a slight uptick in the number of posts you’ll see back to back in the next few weeks as I get you all caught up.

While I might make a handful of tweaks to this room as time goes on, I convinced myself to go for it, got very little sleep for a few days, and gave myself a Christmas present ten days early in the form of my new, polished laundry room. If you pictured me doing the Charlie’s Angels underwear dance, only with an ugly sweater and/or a Rudolph nose (countdown to someone likely tweeting me that image starts… now), you’re pretty much spot on. Not to mention, I need to tell you about all of the DIY projects that made it a reality!

Having this room finished off was a really nice way for me to end 2016 on a high note. For now, though, I’ve got to run and throw some ornaments on my tree, replace Charlie’s broken outdoor leash, make a drop off to Goodwill, and go get my New Years Eve dress hemmed. Oh, and nap… a long one would be sweeeeet. I’ll be checking back in with you very soon (Sunday, probably). Have a great weekend!

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  1. I have been waiting for finished pictures of this! Why you make me wait longer?!? ????

    1. In a word? Sponsors. Whenever I work in tandem with a brand, I am sometimes at the mercy of them giving me the thumbs-up before I publish/scoop my own content. In this case, they are going to publish my laundry room’s big reveal across their blog too, and I would rather have that as a reference for you to see both the individual projects that made up the makeover as well as the whole room. It’s sometimes a little hurry-up-and-wait, but when I have a brand that’s willing to help my tiny budget stretch further and make the makeover SO much better, I can’t help but go “yeah, I’m willing to do that” — especially at a time of year where I’m spendy elsewhere, like the holidays!

    2. Update: set your clock to Jan 16th! I’ll have a few more peeks before then, but that’s going to be the date that the reveal is supposed to go live.