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I seem to be doing a lot of traveling lately. But I suppose now that I’m done with grad school, I finally have opportunities to just pick up a bag and go somewhere instead of using the same excuse I’ve had for two years running (“I’m sorry, I have class!”).

Over the weekend, one of my close grad school buddies got married. It was a destination wedding down in Destin, Florida, which amounts to about 6 1/2 hours in the car by myself. Alone with my thoughts… driving through farmland and such. I quite enjoyed it, actually – not much to do or worry about except what playlist I wanted to listen to on my phone (and of course, making sure I didn’t get lost).

Destin Bay House

The ceremony was very small and intimate. The couple had their own vows in addition to the more traditional ones, and they spoke them right along the water’s edge. It was makeup-melting hot, but thankfully we were given straw fans to keep us a little cooler (all photos taken with my phone, btw).

There was a dock as well, which made for excellent views as the sun went down.

Destin, FL pier

Destin Bay House

Destin Bay House

The trip was short (just a two-night stay), so by the next day, I took a walk along the pier, had some lunch, then made it back to Atlanta to get back to my regularly scheduled DIY programming. But every once in a while, it’s nice to take a breather and simply look around.

Destin, FL

Thanks for taking this little detour with me today. I should have a new update for the kitchen later this week. If I reach my goals of getting the handles on the doors and all of the outlet extensions installed, I’ll be left with nothing but the walls to patch and finish. And then one great big room is off my to-do list for good!

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  1. Enjoy your progress in your house. Also Destin is a beautiful area of FL. We were there a couple of years ago and enjoyed the beach so much. Keep up the good work.

  2. I havent taken a vacation in a few years. We are about to sell our house to travel [and work] all over the country but we still have some time until then. I have about two weeks off and even though we can’t go to the beach yet [but hey we may live there in a few months] I’m so looking forward to time off. Even if its spent packing boxes! Amen to stopping and looking around!! It looks like it was absolutely beautiful.

  3. I am so ready for a trip to the beach. I love the weekend projects, but really am looking forward to a break. Great phone photos.

  4. We were just there, too. It’s beautiful, and your pictures are gorgeous. Sounds like a fun weekend, even if it was short. Hope you are well!