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If you’re needing a Charlie fix, new photos will be added to her Facebook album weekly. She’s been a real camera hog. Here are a few new ones:

Playing in the front yard…

Let me out… please? What you see behind her is partially removed linoleum flooring (from the laminate installation project – I haven’t gotten to tile the laundry room floor yet.)

From her first night in the house, sleeping sound. She now sleeps in a crate, so this was a one-time only deal.
She likes belly rubs…
And tennis balls that are too big for her (yet)…
Getting to know (and really enjoy) her crate.

In related news, the bug had some sniffles and I took her to the vet for her first wellness visit (provided for free by the place I adopted her). Poor thing has a respiratory infection and needs to be on meds for a little while (which isn’t all that surprising; humane societies do their best, but puppies get sick). It apparently explains her eye problems and sneezing. She’s handling it like a trooper though, getting rest, and being her general sweet puppy self.

What’s not so sweet? My groggy walk back into the house last night (as part of Charlie’s crate training schedule) somehow brought left ankle and storm door together for a painful (and startling at 2 AM!) inch-long gash that I am now hobbling around with. And true to my good, bad and ugly blogging style, I was tempted to take a pic to reveal just how clumsy and gruesome it was. But then I got some sleep and remembered that was gross. :)

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  1. She's doing much better, and her appetite has picked up! I have to take her back to the vet for her next round of shots, so hopefully I'll get the all clear soon and be able to take her out to the dog park. I can't wait to get the little pup some exercise!