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The closet has been looking rather pathetic lately. I consider it a domino effect of hating loathing despising hating, loathing, AND despising the task of doing laundry.
Reality at its finest.
I often sleep too late in the morning (I spoil myself with the snooze button), so the after effects of trying to rush to get dressed usually result in clean clothing strewn about on top of my (dirty) pajamas. And then I forget what’s clean and what’s not, and I wind up throwing everything into the laundry pile.
I also have a LOT of clothes. Which I can blame on both my love of bargain shopping (Francesca’s Collections is the latest obsession, but am also thankful that it’s one of those hit-or-miss stores for me, so I don’t shop it too much) and the fact that I seldom go through my clothes and find stuff to donate.
In sum:  all of these things result in delaying laundry for a long, LONG time.
So after one half of my primary bedroom closet became this:
Um, yeah, so I guess dusting is on the to do list :)
I decided to put my foot down (with myself) and begin the dreaded task. I just so happened to have the time thanks to a cold I took home as a souvenir after my trip to La Jolla, which cancelled my plans for the Fourth of July and left me closed off from the rest of the world for three whole days in a messy house.
If I’m honest with myself (and all of you), I would expose the fact that I DID manage to do all of my laundry except half a load of towels, which I left in a pile in the middle of the kitchen (I prefer the large expanse of floor to create my laundry piles instead of the smaller laundry room area).
Even when my floors are dirty, they still shiiiine. Love them.
But I can also brag that I managed to get at least six loads of laundry done. I’m sure there was more than that, because I filled every laundry basket I have with clean clothing. Including sheets. I even folded… most of them.
I know. I’m pretty sure the devil must have had a cold too, what with Hades having frozen over and all.
It’s not the actual washing and drying of laundry that I hate, it’s the length of the entire event itself:
  • gather everything up, sort into lights/darks/colors because I’m too lazy to pre-sort as I’m tossing things into a pile
  • wait for the laundry to wash; then wait for it to dry (and the dryer takes longer, so even when I try to do several laundry cycles in sequence there is a bit of a bottleneck)
  • fold (ugh)
  • sort into drawer items vs hanging items (ugh x 2)
  • put drawer items away (easy)
  • put hanging items on hangers (ugh – I procrastinate on this the most) and organize them in the closet between work clothes and other stuff
I realize I’m making a big deal out of a task that most do not find as dreadful as I do, but this is the ONE thing in the house I absolutely HATE to do more than anything else – even doing dishes. Hand to God, I’d rather scrub a toilet.
But anyway, the dreadful event was finally done. At least for now (which as I think about it is probably why I hate it so much; in no time at all there’s dirty laundry to be done yet again, which is more conspicuous than a dirty dish in the sink dishwasher).
Since I was already torturing myself, I pressed on and re-hung any clothing on more unified, slimline black hangers. I wound up with quite a collection of ones I wanted to be rid of.
And all of that to tell you that I have a full, organized closet once again. Away from hungry puppy eyes. Sa-weet!

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  1. Thank you for being real! I am still scared to tackle my master closet. I am a clothes and shoes girl and my hubby is law enforcement. Our laundry consists of whites and tons of darks. lol!

  2. I hate laundry too, I'd rather do anything than laundry… it always becomes a marathon session like yours because I don't keep up with it once it's finally done.


  3. I HATE hanging clothes. I love the feeling of clean clothes but I'd rather have a million drawers and never hang clothes ever. Like, ever.

  4. I fold my laundry on my bed right next to my closet with a stack of hangers on the bed too. Anything that goes in drawers I put in a pile for that drawer, and anything that gets hung up goes straight onto a hanger and piled up (no folding it, then hanging it later). When I'm done with a load, I take the pile of clothes on hangers and put them in the closet. I also try to put away each load as it comes out of the dryer. One load only takes a few minutes, but when I have a few loads to do at once it always seems like it takes hours…

  5. I have a very short hanging bar in my laundry and I hang things as I pull them out of the dryer and only toss the foldable clothes in the laundry basket and I usually fold and put them away almost immediately. Like Paula said – if you do each load as it happens it isn't such a marathon! And if I time it right and hang things when they are still a bit damp most of the wrinkles fall out – so less ironing to do.