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In Georgia, there is a very small window in spring wedged between the rise in evening temps and the arrival of a blanket of pollen (also known as the month where I spend my birthday with itchy, swollen eyes). This weekend just happened to be in that wedge, so Charlie and I took advantage of the perfect weather by participating in three of her favorite activities:

The drive to the dog park …

The actual dog park (where she had lots of fun picking play fights and then cowardly running behind my legs like a chump when they chased her) …

And the drive home from the dog park.

You may have also noticed that Charlie got herself a new polka-dot collar. She took it upon herself to snap the plastic latch on her old one last week, and I just barely had enough energy after my 5k on Saturday morning (so. much. fun. and pictures coming later this week) to pick up her new one, a comically large bag of dog food, and two cheap squeak toys to keep her busy while I had a nap. Her favorite thing to do is to chew on her toys endlessly until it gives up its squeaking power. Which is usually about 3 hours. Which is also why I never spend more than two bucks on these kinds of toys (I’ve tried the so-indestructible-we-must-charge-$30-for-this-technology ones, and they buy me an extra hour or so. Still die.).

Inspired by the warm weather and the smell wafting from neighborhood yards, I also tried my hand at making brats. Without a grill. Nope. So I now know I need to save up for a grill – but my cucumber salad was still a perfect pairing for the weather.

So basically, Charlie and I did what the most sensible thing seemed to be this weekend:  I simply enjoyed the sun, the light breeze, and the chance to take a nap. Sure, I got a few errands run, did some laundry, and looked after a few ongoing DIY projects, but that really isn’t what the weekend should be about. Sometimes you just need to tell yourself to take a break when you get the chance. After all, a home is meant to be enjoyed, right?

How about you? What did you do to enjoy yourself this weekend?

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  1. Love Charlie, especially her ears. We had a similar day yesterday. It was too beautiful not to enjoy it. Happy Spring!

  2. Nothing much, go a towel for my bathroom, got some bananas, and an avocado. So much time to lie around and do nothing. When you ahve no money, you can’t do any projects until you have some… So I wait.

  3. Sounds like you guys had a good time! Try http://www.indestructibledog.com the owner, Anthony, is awesome- if your dog can kill a toy in 60 days he’ll send you a new one. They’re the only toys I’ve found that my three terrors can’t kill. Try the Galileo Bone or the hollow bacon stick- they’re my guys faves. :)

  4. I have a two year old chocolate lab who can tear through a kong toy in less than 30 minutes, and can inhale ‘indestructible’ in less than five. We now have an impressive collection of Westpaw Design Zoloflex toys. Try as she might, she hasn’t destroyed a single one. I get mine at a local dog bakery but i’ve bought them for friends off of amazon. THEY ARE THE BEST.

  5. Still freezing cold here so no sunshine-enjoying for us. You have such a pretty dog. We take ours to the regional forest for longer walks and they also love the car ride almost as much as the walk.

    We haven’t been able to find indestructible toys either – we have a rottie & a rottie cross. We don’t even buy ones with squeakers anymore (unless we give them a “squeak-ectomy” before handing them over to the dogs).

    We did find that deer antlers last – still on the first ones since Christmas. We also love the Westpaw toys (http://www.westpawdesign.com/catalog/dogs/dog-toys) – we have the “Jive” balls. They are guaranteed for one replacement, but other than a few small chunks missing, they are doing all right.

    We also bought really tough burlap (jute?) chew rings for them at Christmas. They look horrible now – all frayed and such, but the dogs still chew on them.

  6. I think your pre-blanket of pollen window slammed shut :( Fellow Atlantan here, and according to the new this morning the pollen count today is above 2000. My eyes and nose are keenly aware!

    I’m glad you and Charlie got in a good weekend.

  7. Pictures of Charlie make me so happy :) She seems like a great dog and I love the snazzy new collar!

    We had the perfect weather up here in Virginia over the weekend too. Gotta love Spring!

  8. I love that we took both our Charlie’s to a dog park on the same weekend. By the way, my male Charlie sends a little wink wink your way. Can’t take him anywhere, my little player.

    1. I’m not sure my Charlie would know what to do with a male dog getting fresh with her. She normally assumes it’s is an invite for a play fight and swats them in the face.