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I always have grand plans for what I want to do over the weekend. And then, the grand plans sort of twist themselves into tiny paper balls and fall just a few inches short of a waste basket.

Behind the scenes of the blog this week, I’ve been fed up with the state of the house. I’ve been ransacking each room, chucking things (I saw Bridget Jones Diary years and years ago, and to this day, I still refer to throwing things away like a Brit – funny how we pick up random words to suit our own style, don’t you think?) and trying to find some reasonable level of calm.

cleaning office paper trash

You see, the Ugg-Duck isn’t just a project house. It’s also my home. I feel like I forget that too often. It’s a place where I should be able to find some peace and quiet when I need to. And a clean floor free of doggie chewy things.

Cleaning is one of those things I have to grit my teeth and get through. I don’t enjoy it, but I do enjoy the way I feel when it’s done. Calmer. More like I have my shit together. Somehow – more focused. Music blaring my playlist-of-the-week helps to keep the hours entertaining, but it’s still a massive chore (right now it’s full of Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Gotye, Ellie Goulding, The Giving Tree Band, and Erin McKeown). I’d rather be painting and playing with power tools. Always.

These last 24 hours are all that is left of my first summer semester in grad school. I have four more semesters to go, but I no longer feel like I’m a new student. I’ve got a better handle on things and feel far less overwhelmed, even if I’m still cramming three days worth of activities into one. And after tomorrow, I’ll be able to jump back into projects I’ve been bleeding itching to get a jump on (that’s another power tools reference. Blades + clumsy girl = cuts on my hands).

But first, I need a space to work in, and that means cleaning the house from top to bottom, taking care of those dangling seasonal cleaning tasks (which requires a trip up to the attic, yeesh), and treating this house more like the home it’s meant to be. Next week, I’m excited to share with you a complete kitchen makeover. Not mine. But a good before and after on Monday just sounds like the right way to start off a week, don’t you think? Have a great (and productive) weekend!

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  1. I need to remember that more often, too. Our house still needs a ridiculous amount of work, but I still find that if I keep it clean and relatively uncluttered (although there will always be tools on the kitchen counters, always), I feel a lot better.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. I know the feeling, sometimes you just want to sit back and ENJOY your home but then you realize all you have to do to clean it up to enjoy it…oh the double edged sword.