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This isn’t a sponsored post. I just wanted to share my cool new desk.

Slate Mobile Airdesk

Thanks to the magic of Instagram, I spotted a tiny corner of a friend’s desk as she was sitting on her patio. And I immediately asked her where she got it.

It began as a Kickstarter campaign. And enough people liked it to begin selling them regularly. And a sale price of less than $100 convinced me that it was worth the gamble.

Slate Mobile Airdesk

Guys – this thing is truly cool. It’s made of bamboo to keep it light, and the holes are meant to keep the laptop from overheating. It’s wide enough to sit on my lap comfortably (practically anywhere – my couch was just convenient!), with enough distance from the screen to be a little more wrist-friendly too. And it lets me keep my mouse to the side for design work instead of having to use the touchpad. Win-win.

Slate Mobile Airdesk

Slate Mobile Airdesk

Oh, and there’s a little spot in the desk to put my phone. The width is enough to allow me to keep my case on the phone, and there’s a hole in the bottom of the slot that lets me attach the charge cord if I want (for those wondering, it also fits an iPad, but I don’t use mine with computer work, just the phone).

Slate Mobile Airdesk

May not seem like much until your job consists of being on the computer (and then throw in some blog and design work at night, and you’ve got an extreme need for a comfortable setup 24/7). So even though I’m not in the office, I still have a comfortable desk. And one that, like Heidi, I can enjoy in the sun.

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    1. I always wondered why “we” don’t think of these things too, and although we don’t think of it, someone does actually think of it and makes it and they take all of “our” money too! LOL

    1. Basic concept, yes, and I considered just doing a DIY project to make one too! But like most DIY projects, it sometimes comes down to practicality. I weighed the pros (quality of finish & materials, speed of turnaround for buying vs. adding to my long to-do-list and not seeing it finished for several months, how I’d be using it around the clock once finished, etc.) with the cons (mainly just the price, and it was on sale). So I am glad that at least this time, I chose convenience over DIY. Ultimately, I imagine that someone could definitely handcraft one that’s just as nicely done, but you’d have to do a good amount of finish work to get it to the same quality (the edge detailing and such). Once I had it on my lap though, I was hooked! So if you’re going to DIY it, spend some time on the finish work for sure – it’s so much nicer to use this instead of an ordinary lap desk!

  1. I think this is an absolutely awesome idea. You see these kind of things and wish you had come up with it:). We got one of those pads you put under your laptop that’s suppose to help cool it down but ultimately doesn’t do that good of a job. And I completely agree with not adding this to one of your DIY projects. It looks like a high quality product.

  2. That is genius! The bamboo looks super nice and I love how the mouse pad is flush with the surface of the wood. How’s the grip for the Mac when the desk is at an angle?