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As a unique twist for today’s Dueling DIY post, not only do I not have finished cabinet pictures to show you (not so surprising), but I have a good reason (possibly a little more surprising). You see, for the last couple of days, I was busy doing this (recognize this face?):

sarah from ugly duckling house & carrie from brick city love

Yep! Due to a sponsored event (more on that in another post), I had a reason to head up to New York for a day. And since Carrie lives close enough for a visit, she suggested I stay with her when I flew into Newark airport the night before the event. Which means I got to see Brick City Love‘s digs in person! Fun, right?

brick city love


There were a number of hiccups in the trip, one of the biggest being that poor Carrie was clipped by a driver on her way to pick me up from the airport. Carrie, thankfully, was just fine (the ambulance checked her out and other than a few sore muscles, she wasn’t hurt). As for the other driver, she was sent off to the hospital with some minor bumps and bruises, but her car was totaled. We think that the reason she ran the red light (as in, the same light that she also ran into and took off of its base that landed on her car) was texting while driving.

car accident

How’s that for an interesting way to meet an online friend for the first time? We waited things out while Carrie got her insurance company and tow truck situated. By the time we  finished up and began looking for a bite to eat (we were starving!), most kitchens were closed. We stuffed our faces with some bar pizza (the only thing on the menu by the time we got done, but we scarfed it down like it cured cancer).

I took a quick tour of the house and checked out her kitchen in person (of course), but since it was so late, we just headed off to bed & got our game plan together for the next day. Being that I’d never seen New York before and would have a couple of hours to kill before my flight home after the event (I’d be in town less than 24 hours – with my new job I haven’t yet accumulated much time off, so it was an in & out sort of trip), Carrie explained how I would get from New Jersey, take the subway, and find my way around. Carrie could not have been a better hostess! Just look at the spread she laid out in the guest bedroom, ready for me the next morning:

guest room hospitality

When I finally reached New York the next day, I made it to my event with a little time to spare to snap photos along the way (I’ve thankfully traveled enough to “get” public transportation).

new york subway

new york subway

Columbus Circle, my very first glimpse of New York, was almost magical (spring leaves were flying up & looping around trees, the wind was blowing in a movie-like sort of way, and the sun was shining at just the right amount of  morning light to make everything twinkle). I experienced it almost the same as my very first breakfast when I lived in Verona, Italy. I was already smitten with a city I had only spent five minutes in!

columbus circle

columbus circle new york

food trucks New York NYC

Carrie met up with me after the event for lunch. We ate at The Spotted Pig (Carrie swore by the burger, so that’s what I ordered).

the spotted pig menu

I loved the ambiance (oilcloth covering the bathroom walls, small & cramped structure, stuff covering the walls). And, of  course, the beer!

old speckled hen

After lunch, we wandered and made our way around West Village to the Meatpacking District (forgive me if I’m wrong about neighborhoods and how to use them in a sentence; still learning!).

walking around NYC

We also walked along the High Line, which is a stretch of old railroad that’s been re-purposed into a park (the weather was gorgeous & walking through all of the spring gardens was a perfect way to spend an afternoon).

high line NYC

Both my phone and my DSLR were just about dead by the time we reached the end, and it was about that time to head to the airport for my flight back home. The trip was short, but I felt like I got a great introduction to a city I knew I’d love (I’ve been somewhat apprehensive to visit New York, but not for the reason you’d think. I was afraid I’d love my visit so much I’d call my mother & tell her I wasn’t ever leaving! Turns out, my suspicions were pretty well justified).


My flight home was delayed for hours while I waited at the airport, then again on my connecting flight back to Atlanta. I’m exhausted, but I’d gladly do it again. Being there for just a few hours was certainly not enough to get New York out of my system, so I’m already plotting my next  opportunity to fly up again. After all, my Metro card still has funds on it. So I’m kind of forced to go back up before it expires, right?

Thank you, so much, to Carrie for her hospitality! I loved my short little trip & can’t wait to go again (short trips give me the travel bug, bad). It’s back to finishing up the cabinets (just one more coat before I can hang them again!), but today’s Dueling DIY post update was definitely a special one to share. How was your weekend?

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  1. I am so glad that you loved New York. This city is so wonderful. I know that people have different opinions, but when people don’t like N.Y. I don’t want to know about it!!!

    It is fun meeting blogger friends, isn’t it? I met one last weekend for the first time in person as well, and I am happy that I liked her as much as I thought I would.

  2. Glad you had a good time here! Looks like you got some good weather too which always helps!

      1. That’s my house :) It’s a default icon used when there is no image associated with the email address you are using to leave your comment. Check your Gravatar profile (that’s what it’s using) and see if you have that email in there!

  3. Glad you liked it – I’ve never been but its on the list. Glad Carrie was ok- how scary!

  4. Glad you had an awesome trip! That west village pic is 3 blocks from my apt! Did you see the brownstone that was used as the exterior for Carrie’s apt on Sex & the City, only 2 blocks up (I’m always walking around the tourists snapping photos)? Come back soon and see the rest of the city! Although, I lived here for 2 years before heading to the spotted pig, so you’re making good time.

  5. Hi. I love checking into your website to see your DIY projects but I will say this was a fun change to see life in New York. Especially since I’ve never been there. I’m sure it was a lot more relaxing for you as well. Thanks for the fun pics.