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This weekend, I went shopping in an enormous antique store:

It had equal amounts crap and really awesome crap, which makes the hunt all the more rewarding when I find something I really like.

I really wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but when I found this old washboard hiding beneath a stack of picture frames, I knew it had to come home with me (I’ll tell ya more about the trunk in a separate post at some point).

antique washboard

The worn & weathered look of the wood reminded me of the old wooden bucket I picked up a couple of years ago for the living room. Mixing old pieces like these into all of the new stuff in the house gives it that “collected over time” touch. Big fan of that.

I knew the exact spot for it:  in between the pantry doors in the kitchen. Too bad that old wallpaper is still thwarting my every attempt to remove it (and what luck! There are TWO layers of it! Yay for me!).

antique washboard

It’s at least nice to think of what will go on that wall when the dizzying yellowed flowers are dunzo, right?

(P.S. For those that have been asking for a shipping address: P.O. Box 957752 Duluth, GA 30095. Sorry it took me so long, and thank you!!!)

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  1. I like adding the old with the new–or else borrring!!!! Perfect spot for the washboard. And YAY!! I can get this little gifty off my hands! Thanks for following through. :)

  2. Love it! I have to work in reverse as I have hand me down family antiques and need to bring modern & fun in. A nice problem to have except when I can’t bring myself to paint some of them…good cherry and mahagony and aged oak is beautiful! Sigh.