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Colby hasn’t quite felt the Christmas spirit yet…

But he is chilling out on our completely finished floors, which I haven’t shared completely with you all yet. When Scott finished them, the room was still such a mess that I didn’t want to take a full shot. So, how’s about a good before and after to show you where we are this holiday season? Please ignore the dirty paw prints.

Before – Yuck, yuck, dirty yuck. Linoleum that probably hadn’t been cleaned for years, a disgusting ceiling with so much smoke damage it was orange, and countertops that actually needed oven cleaner to get the grease off of. Don’t even get me started on that dinosaur of a stove.

After – We have a long way to go yet, but new appliances, extra lighting, and a beautiful dark floor make me excited to try out our holiday cookie recipes from the cookbook I received from my mom last year for Christmas. It’s a wonderful thing what a clean kitchen can do to motivate you.

And don’t worry, Colby… let the yuletide spirit come as it will. I have a feeling there are a few things under the tree that will get you in the joyful mood!

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  1. Maybe a nice bright bow around his neck would help?

    …yeah, that wasn't well received at our house either.

  2. Awesome! What a huge difference the floor and appliances made. It makes the cabinets look newer too! I'm sure you're going to be cooking up a storm in that kitchen with the upcoming holidays.

  3. You're floors are GORGEOUS! What a difference! I hope you're enjoying yours as much as we're still enjoying ours. I <3 new floors :).

    P.S. How has your scratch-proof plan been working?