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Love me some Ikea. I have found that battling Atlanta traffic to go to Ikea on a weeknight is a far more pleasant experience than dodging those wayward carts on weekends. Fewer couples arguing. Fewer kids sword fighting with umbrellas. And still, that delicious smell of cinnamon rolls.

Last night, I headed downtown to pick up a few more picture frames. If my hallway walls are happening, I figure that the most motivational thing I can do right now is to get art up on the walls as quickly as possible. I’m tired of this house being so devoid of color (other than the laundry pile on the floor).

When I went to Hilton Head last month, I discovered a rock store. No, not this kind:


Think more like this:

I am a geek by nature, and I can spend hours in a store like this. I won’t yet share what I found (because I would rather reveal when the project is hanging up on the wall), but I can guarantee that color-wise, it’s a complete departure from what I’m usually drawn to. Which makes me even more excited, since maybe it’s evidence that my home’s style is constantly evolving?

In addition to the picture frames, I also picked up these nifty KORKEN containers:

Despite living in the south, I’m not much of a country girl. Containers with hinged lids usually say “country” or “farm” to me. But these bottles scream summer. And with progress being made in both the front and back yard, I am daydreaming of patio lunches and homemade strawberry ice cream. Not that either of those things will happen at the UDH this summer, but still. The thought is there, taunting me. So it’s calling my butt into action. I bought four.

I am feeling really scattered with these projects lately, and normally, that’s perfectly fine with me. I think with the summer semester though, I’m starting to feel a little too stretched in many different directions. Here’s hoping that with the midpoint already over (only four more weeks of the semester to endure), I will start feeling more focused again.

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  1. Haha, I only go to IKEA on weekdays too! So much better than battling the crazies on the weekend (and it is the best source for frames). Looking forward to seeing your hallway project!

  2. Oh you don’t need to twist my arm to go to IKEA. In fact I think a trip is overdue. Or so says my completely unhealthy obsession with the store.

  3. Are you talking about the “rock” store at Coligny? I love that place. I’m already planning my next trip! And I love me some Ikea, too! Sounds like you’ve had some real fun shopping.

  4. Come to Tellus Science Museum! We have a lots of beautiful rocks to choose from, including some very large beautiful, inexpensive pieces. We also have some cool functional pieces (like trinket boxes, catch-all trays, etc.) with fossils embedded, too. They are gorgeous! We are just north of Atlanta, in Cartersville. I love your blog and I’m basically using it as a user’s manual for my own DIY home. I would love to say HI!