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Welcome to my very first Hey, Have You Met My Friend? post. In today’s world of tweeting, pinning, IMing, liking, and otherwise communicating, I felt it was time to refresh the concept and simply do some plain ol’ introducing to the people and blogs I truly enjoy reading about.

Okay, so it’s not that different as featuring them. But this isn’t a guest post spot – it’s just a recommendation. By my count, I could easily recommend 15 or more blogs, which would mean it would be October by the time I run out (assuming I do these every other week – which implies consistency, and you all know this blog is not – but it’s a start).

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Hey, have you met my friend, Kit?

It’s pretty easy to start with the DIY Diva herself. In short, Kit is awesome. And hilarious. And she has miniature donkeys (I can probably stop here). And she gets extra points for fitting in swear words (which just feels a little more genuine than the sickly sweet blogs who pretend they never get angry about the frustrating world of DIY). She is brutally honest and relatable. And she really knows her shit. And um, she’s an influence on the swearing thing.

This is a blog I read for both laughs and genuine DIY help. Kit has created some amazing tutorials with step-by-step pictures (I’m a visual learner, so it really helps to have those photos!). But in between these tutes are personal stories that have, at this point, actually made me reach out to Kit for regular email exchange. She even had the same revelation that Scott and I did, but instead, she was the one looking for a new house – and boy, has she ever found one. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

I won’t take up too much time to describe her blog and what it’s about. I’ll let her do most of that when you wander on over and read for yourself. Here are a few of my favorite posts of hers (in completely random order):

Tile 101: The Basics of Tiling Any Kind, Anywhere

Hell Hath No Fury (much worse – and funnier – than my own experience with, um, that kind of thing)

One Hundred and Sixty Eight

Saying Goodbye: First Time Home-Seller Reflections

Finishing Floors: Cinderella Never Worked This Hard

So, go ahead – meet Kit! Next HHMMF (I think my attempt at abbreviation has just grunted at me) will be in two weeks. Or, you can head over to my BlogLove page for a hint at some future features. Happy reading!

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  1. I happened to see this on my RSS feed this morning and I was like… whoa, wait a sec, that looks like me! lol. Thank you so much for introducing me to your readers. And also for the “HHMMF” chuckle. Best. Abbreviation. Ever.

  2. Great posting, DIY can be done by anyone with little knowledge of measures and home improvement anything will be a success.