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It looks as though our plans to have a housewarming party in October will have to be postponed. I’ll admit, I’m terribly disappointed that I won’t get to have a Halloween party, but November is just as good… right?

Our biggest reason for postponement is simply that we’ve got too much going on during the month to have enough weekend time to get things finished. Between weddings, birthdays, football, and trips out of town, we have far too many projects left on our To Do list. And since I’m not too keen on showing the house in a don’t-step-there state, I’d rather wait.

I like a good scare as much as the next girl, but no trips to the hospital, thankyouverymuch – I prefer my friends alive. I know… I’m just needy like that.

Remember this?

So, instead of our original plans, we’re going to be having our housewarming in November, which after a little reflection actually seems quite perfect. November is all about giving thanks for the many blessings in life, which in our case will include our family, friends, and the brand spankin’ new flooring that I got on sale.

A later party also gives me more time to do some major shopping. Even though we have an abundance of clutter around the house (Seriously, anyone out there need clutter? We’re currently overstocked), we have fallen way behind on furniture purchases. Apparently I need to throw a party before I notice that no one has anywhere to sit after they tour the house. But, where do I start? So many furniture stores, so little time!

Here is a breakdown of my shopping list:

1. A chair (preferably a chair-and-a-half or two armchairs) for additional seating in the living room. This Oliver chair from West Elm could be just what I’m looking for, but part of me is thinking that this would be a great opportunity for a Craigslist encounter of the thrifty kind.

2. Dining room chairs for additional seating to be dragged over into the living room for the party. A dining table would also be nice so I don’t look like a crazy chair collector (which would be the opposite of my current status as crazy clutter-but-no-furniture collector). These NILS chairs from IKEA are the current top contenders – with or without arms. I like them because of the low backs… in a small home like mine, the house will look more spacious without tall chairs interfering with the line of sight.

3. A recliner for Scott. I hate, HATE recliners for their sheer ugliness, but Scott wants one like a six-year-old wants a puppy. For our anniversary gift (dating for three years this month), I’d like to get him one that doesn’t look like a stuffed mushroom. This one from Rooms To Go is in my price range and actually looks like a chair, so maybe I won’t mind it so much. The only question is, Almond (Pro:  works well with the lighter, airy feeling I want in the living room; Con:  Scott will sit in a white chair – you all know how that will go), or Chocolate (Pro:  will work better in a later home when Scott gets his mancave or study; Con:  I’m not sure about the dark floors + dark chair combo in the current house)?

4. A padded storage bench for one more extra seat (plus a place to hide pillows from Colby when we’re not home). This teal one from Target is on sale and can even double in the dining room as a casual seating arrangement.

No matter what, having this much purchasing on my To Do list means a tight budget until the party begins. I just hope we make it through without draining my wallet along with my sanity! Have any of you had a similar shopping spree need? Do tell!

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  1. That's a wise idea to postpone your housewarming party – it would just stress you out right now! Good luck with your furniture shopping – it's good that you have an idea of what you want, or else it can just get overwhelming! I agree with the recliners… they are mostly really ugly, which is a shame because they're so comfortable!

    I'd love to go furniture-shopping, but we really don't need anything until we start finishing our basement, which will hopefully be soon!