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I think I have a favorite color around the holidays, and it’s a little hard to describe. I don’t see it very often, and I’m not even sure it’s really its own color.

It’s that metallic sheen you see that’s not quite silver, not quite gold. It’s in between. It’s the kind of color that makes silver and gold look cheap. And every time I see it hanging on a tree, my eyes get wide and I want to smuggle it home. This year, much to my delight, Target has it in abundance.

Pitter-pat. It’s crazy how much I enjoy this color.

I bought two of the wooden ornaments (one’s a star, one’s a tree) that had the silver-gold glitter all over it. Two bucks apiece. Yes, please.

Confession:  I tend to re-use the same decor year after year. It doesn’t make me a great decorating blogger, but it always feels comforting and Christmas-y (with a few new things sprinkled in here and there thanks to after-Christmas deals from the previous year). I’m really looking forward to throwing these into the mix. Feet up. Fireplace burning. Watching the usual holiday movies on my new graduation present to me.

(also, this isn’t a paid post, I’m just in love with this color)

What is your favorite holiday color?

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    1. When I think of platinum, I think of more of a pristine silver, with no hint of gold.. but that’s a pretty good description. Argh! At least I know it when I see it :)

      1. Mercury. It’s like mercury glass, with the aged, brassy silver color. And I totally <3 it too!

        Back in the days of anal-retentive single-ness, my tree was coordinated and designed. I had navy blue, gold and clear crystal, with a few pops of a deep burgundy, all illuminated by white lights. I had a process and a plan every year, and executed it like a general.

        My 3 boys "help" with the tree now. We have crazy handmade stuff from since they were teensy babies in the daycare nursery, their "first christmas" ornaments, and random stuff they've pilfered from my mother. And last year I went nuts and bought a bunch of bright colored ornaments from Target. And I have to say, I totally adore the bright aqua & electric blue, lime green, and glittery reds! It's a hodge-podgy mish-mash, but it's OURS and I love it. Next year I'm totally putting feather boas on the tree!

  1. I don’t make for very exciting holiday blogging either! I also use the same Christmas decor year after year as it all has a sentimental value! Our tree still has the little homemade ornaments from both our childhoods!

  2. I absolutely love that color too – I call it brown sugar champagne mercury glass love. Every time I see that color I obsess over it until I finally buy it (bags, shoes, belts, jewelry, candle holders, the list goes on). It’s awesome for accessories b/c it acts like a neutral and goes with EVERYTHING and ties everything that might not go together (my fave shoes are that color for that reason)

  3. I agree with Kim- Mercury glass! Even though I don’t think that’s considered a color either. Apparently, you can paint things (craft) with that color/ finish..?

  4. I love this “color” too. I like to call it champagne. In other news, your stair dual (I know, it was quite a while ago) inspired me to redo my stairs and I finally finished the bottom half! I can’t remember, but did you ever add the runner?

  5. LADY. First of all, I also love that color! That junk is ALL over my tree.

    Second, I just went to Michael’s like 30 minutes ago, and they have all their holiday floral pick thingies 60% off (today only, I think), and they have a BUNCH in that color! I love having those things to fill in blank spots in the tree or in wreaths, etc. And I got ’em for like $0.50-$0.90 each!

  6. i think my favourite holiday color is dark, but shimmering, blue.
    with silver.

    i just think it’s so pretty.

    i do love that mercury glass color, though.