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As promised, this post is turning away from the beer glass and looking out at the beautiful landscape that is Germany.

Bamburg, Germany

My absolute favorite city on our recent beer-infused tour through the Czech Republic and Germany is, without doubt, Bamberg.

Bamburg, Germany
Rose garden
View over the bridge

Here are just a few of some of the many photos I took of this beautiful town, nestled in Upper Franconia.

town, nestled in Upper Franconia.
View from our apartment
Former City Hall, built on the bridge
Former City Hall, built on the bridge

I was a real shutterbug, but how can you not be when seeing all of this?

Vines sprawling across a building
Our crooked hotel
Our crooked hotel
View threw a wrought iron fence
Beautiful old houses

While we were there, Orlando Bloom was also filming for his new Three Musketeers movie. I never saw Orlando, but saw massive green screens surrounding the cathedral. I don’t have any photos of this; the set staff were very aggressive about making sure no one took any photos of filming “per Orlando’s request.”

Cathedral exterior
Massive chandelier in cathedral
Flowers blooming

Want to see more posts about our trip? See here for more details on the beer tours we took.

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  1. Oooh, lass, if you want a proper pivo experience, go to Duesseldorf. Stop by in my former local, “Auberge” and enjoy the ambience. (Bolker Strasse, Altstadt) The glasses you are served “Altbier” in are tiny, but if you hang in there, it'll work just as well.

  2. Looks like such a beautiful city! And you had great weather too which is always a plus. Thanks for sharing.