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I spotted something GENIUS at my local home improvement store the other day:

It’s a ready-to-plant container that takes the guesswork out of creating a colorful planter. No need to mix and match various annuals to make your planters look like a pro job. Just buy the one container and the plants are already arranged just so. Easy!

The patio is really just a sad cement slab just outside of the sliding glass doors in the kitchen. It’s going to stay this way until I can install a bigger, more welcoming outdoor entertaining area. But at any rate, the planters on my back yard patio were really in need of a little spring cleaning. I realize for many of you, that might not be an issue. But I have a tight schedule, a black thumb, and allergies working against me. So I’m exactly the kind of customer that can use ready made (thinkless) container setup.

The ugly truth: what the winter and a curious dog does to beautiful Homegoods planters.
After – what a little TLC and 5 minutes of no sneezing can do.

The larger planter was a little too big for one of these pre-made containers, but the garden center also had a three-step display for “thrillers” (the flowers that add height and the wow factor to the planter), “fillers” (name pretty much says it – fills the rest of the planter), and “spillers” (the plants that hang over the edge for a drape-y effect). I grabbed three of the “thriller” kind and two of the leftover yellow salvia plants from my mailbox spruce-up project (which will probably post next week since I’ve yet to take after pictures). It was slightly more work to get these guys in just the right spots, but I was still pleased with the look when I paired them with the smaller planter.

After spending the afternoon having a sneezing fit thanks to mowing and other yard cleanup (my eyes and nose have finally succumbed to what I call “the histamine hangover”), I was glad that I could end the day on a high note with something as easy as pot – plant – done.


The striped yellow ones are called “Lemon Slice Superbells” – if there is a better plant name for spring and summer, I haven’t heard one.

planters with new flowers

I have a long way to go in terms of sprucing up the yard, but these annuals are a welcoming pick-me-up that took only minutes to change the very sad (and neglected) state of the planters outside to something much more cheerful. More yard updates coming later this week!

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  1. Ugh, I wish it’d warm the heck up here so I could start planting. I seriously visited a local nursery on sunday so I could “plan” on what plants im going to purchase.

      1. Sarah help! I bought one at Home Depot but am totally confused…do you remove the plastic container it comes in before you “drop?” Also, should you have some soil in the pot or just find a pot that perfectly fits the flowers? I feel really dumb…

        1. Not to worry. Yes, you’re going to take the plastic container off. Break up the dirt clump just a little to allow the roots some room (I usually just scrunch it with one hand while I hold the plant a little on its side). Find a pot that’s a suitable size, and it’s a good idea for it to mix in some new potting soil. If the pot is really deep, be sure to allow for some drainage (outdoor pots should ideally have a hole in the bottom or side to let water leak out if needed, but if they don’t, put rocks down at the bottom to help keep the pot from getting too soggy). Hope that helps!

  2. What a cool idea. Maybe we’ll grab some of those before it gets too hot.

    BTW – Your photos are looking awesome these days!

    1. Thank you! Still taking the online photography classes and they are giving me the guts to try manual mode (link in my sidebar).

  3. OMG! I totally think that is genius! And they turned out soooo awesome! I need to get my hands on some of those!

  4. i have a neighbor who does a similar thing with plants in the ground.
    he just has holes in the garden that match the plastic pots from the plants, and sits them right in.
    then he mulches over top.
    at the end of the season, or when the plants die, he just pulls back the mulch, pulls out the pot, and tosses it, then puts in a new one.

    easy peasy lemon squeezy.