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Several times per month, people in the office where I work bring in old magazines that they are no longer using and leave them in our break room for others to read. It’s often Newsweek or Time, but every once in a while Better Homes or Southern Living will make an appearance. Hooray for recycling, right?

Thanks to an inspiring article in the April issue of Southern Living, I find myself daydreaming about (aka drooling over) having a beachside home. Despite how silly this many beachy-themed pieces would look in my cedar-sided, two story totally NON-beach home, I can’t help but wish this kind of decor fit more naturally into my house.

Maybe a few elements couldn’t hurt. After all, I am bringing beachy colors into the house (the living room is Sandy Shell, the primary bedroom is a driftwood gray, the craft room was inspired by sea glass), even if I can’t have plantation shutters or palm fronds scattered throughout the house.

I’m already in love with the house, but now it’s time for a peek at the interior.
Can you imagine a front porch more relaxing than this? I love how breezy and welcoming this space is. And even though the throw pillows are animal print, their color is still right on point with the coastal theme.

The kitchen continues with the sand/water color scheme and also has some fun nautical-style light fixtures. The cabinet color is actually pretty close to the color I’ve been wanting to paint my cabinets with, but I’m still sticking with my dream kitchen inspiration.

Drool.  Can you imagine ever feeling stressed out when you’re sitting in a room like this? I certainly can’t. The only problem with this room is that I’d never want to leave, which could be an issue when I run out of books to read. And then there’s that whole pesky mortgage thing, which requires that I leave my house every once in a while to obtain a paycheck.

In my fantasy “I live on a beach” world, none of these problems exist. For now, the closest I can get to this home is putting the photos in my cubicle.

So, now’s the time I put a question or two out there. What style (or styles) of decor inspire you the most? Do you find the beach/coastal theme to be the most relaxing, or do you think it’s overdone? Spill the beans :)

(Want more inspiration photos? Check out my Inspiration page!)

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  1. That house is wonderful, great inspiring images. I do adore the coastal design and I say go for it with your home if that is what you love! Our cottage is cedar exterior (similar to yours) and very 'cabin' looking, but we painted all of the trim cream on the exterior to brighten it up and inside it is a blanket of whites & cream with punches of color. I just love it and it feels so cozy. Now, would I do this in our main home? No, it wouldn't work with the 9 months of snow we are 'blessed' with. But elements can easily be brought in.
    Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  2. Thanks Melissa! I definitely plan on bringing more creams and whites into the house. All of the oak trim makes the house look so dark, and painting the doors seems to make a world of difference in bringing in more light. I appreciate you stopping by!