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While some of the country might be experiencing a heat wave right now, Georgia has been turned into a tropical rain forest. It’s been raining all summer. Sure, I’ve been in school for most of it and haven’t really been in a position to do anything about a sunny day if we were to have one, but still. My progress on the Great Yard Cleanup of 2013 has pretty much been on hold since chopping down all of the branches and bushes in the front yard.

It’s been soggy to the point that we’re treating small windows of rain-free evenings as prime mowing opportunities. Everyone’s grass in my neighborhood is lush, green… and overgrown. I learned last year how much I hate mowing, and now I know that I hate it even more when the grass is still damp.

Naturally, the fact that I simply can’t be outside doing yard work (without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes) has me wanting to be. I’m daydreaming more and more about how awesome it would be to celebrate graduation this December with a deck and fire pit in the back yard.

The next best thing is not painting the ceiling in the upstairs hallway, but it’s what I’ve chosen to do as a means of getting something done while everything dries out. Here’s hoping that August (which is also my month-long break between semesters) provides exactly the kind of dry weather that we need to finish some exterior painting and check a few more to-dos off the house’s exterior wish list.

What’s on your mind lately?

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  1. I’m with you! I finally got to do some yard work this week in between rain spells. It’s crazy. Everything is growing out of control! I guess it’s better than the heat wave north of us, but whew. Time to build an ark!

  2. In Illinois we have had rain all year until about 2 weeks ago. Now we have HEAT! I wouldn’t mind it cooling down a bit but I will take it over any more rain!

  3. That’s one awesome looking fire pit! I’m looking forward to the end of trimester so that I can get some landscaping done on weekends before (Australian) Spring.

  4. The weather has Ohio all screwed up too! I’ve had sample paint swatches on my garage door for close to 3 weeks. Hopefully Saturday morning will prove to be a dry one! I also just repined that firepit…oh.my.word. I think that’s my dream right there!

  5. The projects are never ending, sometimes I wonder why we even start something we know we aren’t going to be able to finish. Good luck to you, looking forward to seeing the end result.

  6. I’m in Southern California and we just had 2 days of rain – well, the 1st day was a bit of sprinkling for about 15 minutes and then 2nd day was about 1-2 hours of light rain. It was very refreshing after the heatwave we’ve been having. I’ll take the rain over the heat – it was so nice and cool the last two days. Prior to that, it was way too hot to do anything (95+ degrees everyday). It seems like some places are getting too much rain and other places too much heat – why can’t there be a nice middle ground? Ugh.

  7. My husband and I left Georgia in spring to live in Costa Rica for a few months. First it was very very hot and hard to deal with it. Then we moved to the mountains and now it’s actually kind of chilly most of the time. Which wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t for all the rain (it’s rainy season, so it rains pretty much every day) and the clouds that look like a thick fog. I was hoping the weather in GA was better. Well at least no tornadoes this year. That’s good.