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(another good band name idea)


funny gifs

Oh, wait… that means I have school tomorrow.

Just to prove that this is somewhat close to an actual update, I took my own advice yesterday. Instead of walking upstairs, I headed right for the laundry room and made a dent in Mount Washmore. Then I made a dent into the next project for the upstairs hallway.

paint sticks

Those are paint sticks with the little handle-y ends cut off. I have a plan. At least, I’d better with that many paint sticks. Fistbump to Home Depot for not only allowing me to take this many paint sticks for obvious non-paint-mixing purposes, but also for actually encouraging it on Instagram.

The only hiccup in the project so far is slight warping for the board I picked up (which will be used as the basis for the next step). Thanks to the humidity from all of this rain, I suppose an afternoon sitting in my car was enough to make it bend (I picked up my supplies during a lunch break at work, and took them home that evening). I’m trying the easy route first and simply laid it flat with weights on top. If that doesn’t work well enough, I’ll move on to actually you know, trying.


Looking forward to showing you more updates on this project next week. It’s slow going with the approach of finals, but a small step in the right direction is still a step. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. You are too funny! That ramp is awesome! I would break my back but awesome for kids! Or young people–watever. I don’t have instagram so I cant see this project but I can’t wait. It looks like a bunch of dirty velcro on that board–what is that??? And PS–I think you should let people send you gifts for graduation. 20 here, 50 there…you could make out and use it for all your DIY stuff! I would send you a gift–you deserve it!

    1. Dirty velcro? Oh, you must be talking about my rug! It’s gray with varying square patterns. Now I have a more appropriate name to call it ;)

      1. Oh my! SORRRRYYY! I see it now–it IS a RUG! I see the band on it now also. OK–now I owe you a bigger grad gift :) I thought it was wood and the “velcro” part of the project, although I couldn’t understand why they had to be different sizes. DUH!!! You come up with band names and I’ll come up with names for rugs–maybe?

  2. Sorry to hear that you’ve suffered warping on your flooring boards – that can be a real pain. Glad you’ve taken it with such a good sense of humour – and I love the GIFs you’ve put in this post, they really made me smile!