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(Okay, not really “fun” day unless your idea of fun does not include football and instead involves cursing your own dumbness for buying a house that is falling apart. But “Sunday Productive Day” just didn’t have as nice of a ring to it.)

Today’s To Do List: Packed Full!

  • Take Charlie to the park
  • Clean the living room floor and lay out the new rug
  • Skim coat the pantry wall
  • Measure the bathroom floor again for new tile (more on that tomorrow)
  • Look into this stuff for the tile installation
  • Finally un-box the vanities that have been sitting in the garage (are you sensing a theme yet?)
  • Finish up trim work on the exterior stoop area
  • Scrub the cement slab in prep for paint
  • Test out paint color on front door
  • Spray paint the wreath form and dollar store pumpkins for some fun holiday crafts

This is clearly too much to do in one day – it’s nuts, in fact. But I’m going to try, and I should at least start with good intentions even if it means an epic fail, right?

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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  1. Now now … no wishy washy house falling apart stuff! Not on a gorgeous almost Fall day like this! You got that house cause it spoke to you. It got to something inside you and said 'Pick Me!' similar in the way you came to have Charlie. So keep your head up (but an eye out for paint splatters and other flying DIY debris) and remember that while the house may be kicking your butt, the hard work you put into it makes it your home. And on that purely sappy note, I'm signing off and heading out to the grocery store so I can run over little old ladies with my shopping cart ;)

    (will be working on guest room re-do later)

  2. Thanks, Tams! It was certainly meant to be in a joking fashion, but you're right – all of that hard work does eventually pay off, and beautifully so! I'm happy to report I'm getting lots of the above done today (to my surprise, I've actually done at least part of each item already). Let's hope I can keep the momentum going, and have fun at the grocery store. Try not to leave wheel marks if you run any ladies over :)