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I’ve been pinning (seemingly random) art that I like to a dedicated Pinterest board for well over a year. The purpose of this was pretty much like any other board:  for ideas and inspiration. I knew that eventually, I’d want to create a few personalized pieces for the home, and art can sometimes be too specific to really fit into a mold. I thought that since I couldn’t really pinpoint the “type” of art I liked (abstract? geometric? mixed media?), I might get stuck copying someone else’s creative work. Which, as you can imagine, isn’t as appealing as creating something unique to my personal style. But if there is a personal style to be found, what is it?

Little did I realize, but the “random” art I’d been pinning all this time could be easily grouped into categories. All it takes is a step back to look at the whole board and see like things (does anyone remember that song from Sesame Street?). And since I like to embrace my inner nerd every once in a while, I’ve grouped several of these for you below (with very sophisticated labeling, natch) to give you an idea of what I’ll be working on this weekend (FYI, I’ve disabled the Pin-it on this post so you can go to the board and re-pin from the original sources).

Grid Patterns

Poofy skirts


Lines/drawing within a silhouette

Scenes that look wet with LOTS of color


Hearts (a grouping that forms the shape)

Things with wings (butterflies, birds, fish fins, etc.)

Simple ships


Of course, some of these items could technically fall into multiple categories (for example, that fingerpainting “V” pattern could also fit into the “watercolor” or “grid” bucket, or the black and white elephant picture could fit into the “lines within a silhouette” bucket), but you get the idea. Collecting and pinning images don’t appear to have much of a connection at first glance, but once you observe them over time, you can begin to see certain “types” of art that might feel right at home on your wall.

And speaking of right at home, I’m starting to form an idea of how I might like to group this art in the entryway once I’ve created a few pieces.

I spotted the idea on Kit’s recent Dueling DIY update (originally from here). It suits perfectly because I don’t have to wait to find frames or pull out a ruler. I can just grab a few small pictures or canvases and see the creativity unfold at will. Or, you know, just be lazy about it and place things as I go. Same diff.

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  1. I have Pinterest boards too, but I haven’t actually “looked” at them since I started, I just pin, pin, pin into the boards without a thought!
    Now you have inspired me to take a good look at them and organize them better, even delete some if necessary…

  2. Oh these are all right up my alley. I love the colors and whimsy of the ones you picked. I could see any of these in my home. Lovely!

  3. I really like the art design about the v finger painting design.

  4. Of all of my boards, I don’t think I have one for art that inspires me! I will have to do that next!