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Painting the House!

I love my Dad.  After taking Charlie to the park to see Ellie, her new dog friend (they are both energetic puppies and it’s great to get them both worn out)…and playing with the new camera a little bit…



I came home to find my garage door open and a giant ladder on the roof.

Surprise!  Its house painting day.  My Dad’s neighborhood friend Tony came with a professional paint sprayer to get the first coat of Basketry (Behr) on the house.

In just a couple of hours, while I painted the mailbox and finished up some door trim, the house got a paint job.  I am soooo excited!

We’ve gone through five gallons so far and have yet to get to the back of the house, but the first coat is on in most of the hard to reach spots.  Plus, the first coat also means that all I have to do is concentrate on the areas that need touching up most (like the soon-to-be-all-white windows).  Who knows?  Maybe this Christmas I’ll get my gingerbread house after all =)

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    Aww, that's so sweet of them to help you out. It's all looking awesome!! Love the 'new' mailbox and the upgrated door knocker. We're going to paint our brass knob and knocker a silver so glad to see how nice it came out.

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    House is the important part of life and making it more beautiful is our dream. So remodeling or painting should be done very carefully.
    Liked your ideas and after overall finishing it is looking very nice.

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