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In one day, thanks to borrowing a friend’s air nailer, Scott has managed to nail shoe molding around most of the downstairs flooring.

Shoe molding

Much of it was in long strips. Look at him go :)

Man using air nailer to install molding

But there are a few areas, like around the stairs, where we had to get a little creative.

Nail gun on floor

The benefit of using an air nailer isn’t just its speed; it also forces the nail further into the molding, which means there are no nail heads to paint over. Instead, I just need to fill the holes with either wood putty or caulk, giving the entire look a much smoother finish. Once I have the time (and patience, it’s a lot of molding!), I’ll spend a few hours filling in any of the gaps.

Man nailing molding

But even if I don’t get to it for a while, the addition of shoe molding makes the floor look that much better, don’t you think?

Before & After
Before (No quarter round) After (with quarter round)

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  1. Amazing! lol…you molding is EXACTLY like mine in my house. In I know you stopped by my page one already, thanks for that. But yeah, my living room redo post. The picture under the table same darn molding. And your hubby did a great job! It makes it look so complete. Mmmm now I must think carpet or molding? Yours sure does look nice :)

  2. Definitely! Maybe showing this to Tom will help him get busy on our molding that, yes, we've been meaning to do – for over a year. Whoops. :x

    It looks fantastic!


  3. Another tool to add to my list for Santa- who already suspects the list is Bob Vila's. The baseboards look great, and the floors are gorgeous.

  4. Makes a huge difference.. and looks really professional.
    It's amazing how much quicker having the right tools makes jobs like this… are you going to buy him one for Christmas ??
    Jo xx

  5. I love this idea! I've been thinking of things I could do for our long entry hallway and instead of a gallery wall, I really like your theme style and design. Your home renovation is too nice.