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This post is sponsored by Spot Shot® Instant Carpet Stain Remover and WD-40® Multi-Use Product.

Let’s keep this short and sweet today, shall we? Want to win a bundle of things that makes life feel a little more “back in order”? Then this is the giveaway for you.

Through the years of having this blog, I’ve made a lot of jokes about avoiding cleaning — or my complete lack of organization — or just the simple state of chaos that life seems to have when you’re constantly renovating (drywall and sawdust come to mind, coughcough). And while all of that is true, I also realized that there is another side of that chaos: finally getting fed up.

When a house is supposed to feel like home, things like not being able to use my primary bathroom or the patio door constantly getting stuck pile onto any pre-existing stresses I have in a given week. The mistake that I usually make is procrastinating. Avoiding. Finding the instant fix to get me through the minute, but not the month. In time, I’ve come to realize that as much as I might hate the effort of keeping my house clean or fixing the things that are constantly slowing me down, I should be working to fix the long-term chaos just as much.

I’ve started small; I’ve slowly added routines and products to the house that inch me forward — things that let me adult just a little bit better. And when you find the right things that work for you, it’s worth sharing. So when This post is sponsored by Spot Shot® Instant Carpet Stain Remover (the folks who are saving my new living room rug from the furry-but-cute menace who lives here rent-free) reached out about doing a bundled giveaway and getting life a little more in order, I figured it would be perfect timing (especially for you back-to-school peeps too)!

Spot Shot

While I don’t have to really worry about Charlie having accidents on my carpeted areas, I do have to worry about her tracking in sludge. If you’ve never heard of Georgia red clay before, it’s basically dirt’s more sinister cousin; it’s thick, has a tendency to sabotage your garden if you aren’t used to working with it, and it can stain a carpet in no time.

spot shot - behind the scenes - charlies feet just out of shot

With a new rug, and new sectional in the living room, I added Spot Shot to my “use in case of spill” stash, and I can say with confidence that this stuff 1) works! and 2) doesn’t require a whole lot of scrubbing in order to work its magic (it really is spray, blot, done). In a pinch, I even used it on my couch after *someone* (coughcough) accidentally spilled a little of my favorite celebrity-inspired ice cream flavor and got chocolate on my brand new sofa. It may be designed for carpets and rugs, but for me, a cleaning product within reach that I know is reliable is pretty much the only way I can have nice things.

Charlie on end of new gray sectional


As I mentioned yesterday, it’s kind of weird when there’s a product I use for DIY all the time and forget that I can also use it for household tasks, too — like when I used my pneumatic oil to fix my sliding glass door or when I prevented my cheap dollar store pruning shears from rusting like an old tin can. WD-40® Multi-Use Product has been kind of an old standard of my dad’s, and I suppose I picked up the same habit from him: keeping a can or two around is never a bad idea.

use wd-40 for keeping pruning shears rust free


While these two products are the main highlights of today’s giveaway, there are also other prizes in the bundle (I’m sorry not to have a full list, but it’s a $100 value). It also includes a $50 Walmart gift card, so you can pick up other things that might be on your back-to-school or just-need-wine-for-emergencies stash (no judgment here!). If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know how this goes:

  • Prize: Lots of items — $50 Walmart gift card, Spot Shot product bundle, WD-40 product bundle
  • Number of winners: One (1)
  • Geo restrictions: Sorry, U.S. only
  • Giveaway ends: Tuesday, Sept 5 at 11:59pm
  • To enter: leave an answer to the giveaway question in the comments below and mark that you’ve entered in the Rafflecopter widget in this post (if you don’t see the widget and are looking at this post in an email or feed reader), please click over to the blog directly to enter.
  • Giveaway question (answer in comment section on this post): What is your LEAST favorite cleaning task in the house? As always, I’ll answer first: I HATE doing dishes. I’d rather scrub a toilet than hand wash a dish.

Ready? Go! Good luck, friends!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Mine is cleaning the shower…grody grout lines are my cleaning nemesis. I don’t mind the dishes- an empty sink is so visually rewarding.

  2. That would have to be the bathroom. I loathe cleaning the bathroom! If it was my mess, I’m fine and I usually clean it with no problem, but sharing the space with my husband and my dog who prefers toilet water to his own fresh bowl, is overwhelming and makes me want to *puke*. I try to avoid it as long as I can or wait for it to get so bad, my husband gives in and does it. :-)

  3. Always ALWAYS the bathrooms. Specifically the bathroom where my husband shaves his whiskers and hangs up his gym clothes to dry AFTER he leaves the gym. Grosssssss!!

  4. I hate cleaning anything ‘old food’ related. Soaking dishes, produce drawers in the fridge, garbage disposals. I almost gagged just thinking about it.

  5. Putting away the laundry comes to mind. I don’t mind the washing or drying, but would love it if the clothes magically put themselves away. Agree on the gross food clean up too – scrubbing the grill top,

  6. I hate cleaning the bathrooms! It is just so gross especially when you share a bathroom with someone else and a dog who prefers the toilet bowl water to his own fresh bowl of water. Ugh. I just wait until it gets bad enough for my husband to give in and do it. ;-)

  7. My least favorite cleaning task is cleaning the bathroom. It’s always the yuckiest part of my cleaning routine.

  8. My least favorite cleaning task would have to be vacuuming…with 2 furry black dogs and light colored carpet, it always seems to haunt me and I can’t ever get it clean!

  9. If I could only choose 1 least favorite it would be cleaning the outside of the toilet…2 boys…no further explanation!

  10. id have to say the fridge and the bathroom i have a son and somehow he cant seem to make it in the toliet so now he uses the tub and ihave no idea why the fridge ugggg

  11. I hate to wash the dishes I hate it but wore than that is putting them away, however I hate to see dishes dirty or clean left out …….uuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhh

  12. Dishes are seriously a pain. Thank god for a dishwasher but even then I still throw things in the dishwasher I shouldn’t just because I don’t want to hand wash it.

  13. I hate washing windows. We live in an area with a lot of new construction so there always seems to be a layer of dirt on our windows. I always wind up finding dead bugs in the sills or spiders that are trying to sneak in! Eew.

  14. I’d say I hate doing dishes also, but I make my husband do that. So I think it would have to be folding laundry or dusting. LOL I’ll wash the clothes but I get lazy about folding. And dusting is such a pain with so many decorative items to dust around.

  15. The cleaning chore I absolutely HATE is vacuuming the stairs! My vac has great suction, so It can get all the dog hair in my house, but it is heavy, very loud and it has a very short hose.

  16. My least favorite chore is definitely scrubbing bathtubs. I would rather scrub the toilet than clean the tub and shower.

  17. I hate cleaning bathrooms! There are more than one of them and too many things to clean. The sink and counter, toilet (inside and out) and the tub! I’d much rather wash the dishes!

    1. Congrats Stephanie! You’re the winner of this giveaway! Be on the lookout for an email from me!

  18. I absolutely hate cleaning the bathroom. I would rather do anything. Anything. I think it’s so gross

  19. I don’t really hate cleaning house-just that it has to be done over and over! Why can’t you do a great job and then it be done?! But, if I must choose one thing it would be cleaning the refrigerator. Yuck!