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Many of you may (or may not, depending on how often you follow) have noticed that for the last day and a half or so, this site has had a bit of an identity crisis. The reason, which I hope is obvious now, is because I have been making more changes to the layout and content of my blog.
Can I just say, I feel pretty darn smart. I somehow managed to create this site after just a few weeks of HTML-ing. I had help of course, from online tutorials and a sweet little software package called Artisteer.
I guess it’s the creative/wanna-do-it-myself side that decided I should take this on, despite having one of the busiest weeks I could have imagined. Or, it could be that I was simply exploring the software possibilities when the blog completely konked out and removed all of my previous templating (is that even spelled right?). Eh, let’s just go with creative ;)
As I mentioned, this week is pretty hectic non-house-wise, but I am still making small changes in my current project. The bedroom is getting some more white coats of paint (as evidenced by my nails and skin) which of course is my biggest complaint so far:  the fact that there needs to be so many coats to go from original oak trim to bright white. Did I mention there’s a lot of it too? There are 4 windowsills, 4 doorways (the door to the room, the bathroom door, and 2 closets), and oh… I’d say 8 billion feet of baseboard trim.
It’s becoming a much more relaxing place to be, which makes the multiple coats and repeated drying times so very worth it.
I wish I could take a wide picture of the bedroom to show an overall effect, but I’m waiting on taking our poor bedspread to the cleaners for dust (from renovating) and pet hair removal. I’d really rather replace it with a new one (I’m thinking maybe ivory like the photo below, courtesy of HGTV), but for now what I had in my apartment will have to do.


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  1. I cannot believe you tagged a PoWM on here… hilarious :) LOVE the “new layout”. Does it come with the skyline? ;) Such good work. Now you need your own show.