monstera leaf cross stitch pattern

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Starting this month, I’m sharing one new free cross stitch pattern at the start of each month! Check out the start of my plant series: this gorgeous Monstera (aka “Swiss cheese plant”) leaf pattern.

monstera-leaf - cross-stitch-pattern

Happy November, friends! This month already feels like a busier one than I anticipated.

And, even though it’s technically an extra DIY project, I’m glad I found my way back to cross stitch. I find it very soothing, and the fact that I can start and finish them sitting at night in front of the TV, zoning out, is really great. I can even have a glass of wine and not risk cutting off a finger.

Ever since I realized how easy it is to start creating my own cross stitch patterns, I’ve been itching to start doing them more regularly. Then, couple of weeks ago, I got in a serious wave of inspiration.

I thought I would start by creating a goal of one new, free pattern for you guys once per quarter. That’s only four per year. Totally doable, right? So, I sat down, intending on creating one for Christmas, which would fall right in line with that goal.

And then, I got stumped. Maybe it was that I didn’t want to go with anything too cutesy? There are so many cross stitch patterns already out there, and I wanted to do something that didn’t smack of those “traditional cross stitch” ideas. So, I started brainstorming, and fell deep into my first idea: a houseplant series. Easy and colorful, but cool enough that you could hang one, or even several, on a gallery wall, without a second thought.

Monstera Leaf Cross Stitch | Free Pattern

I had already created a succulent-inspired piece (but hadn’t yet posted about it) a few months ago, and I’ve been thinking about adding the super-trendy Monstera (“Swiss Cheese”plant) to the house. So, it was the perfect option to start with. I still intend on getting a real plant version, but in cross stitch form, it can’t die. ?

And then, it was your typical creativity-begets-creativity effect: I created another pattern (but not a plant, go figure). And another. And another. Some were photo-inspired, some were text-based, and I kept going. Enough to create NINE new patterns!

So, my once-per-quarter idea immediately went out the window for 2019. I now have these scheduled to go out once per month, starting today! I did eventually figure out my Christmas one, and that’s going to go live on December 1st. I just finished it yesterday and am trying to figure out a way to take a timelapse of me actually completing one sometime (I think watching it actually come together would be fun, but that would mean figuring out a camera setup and sticking to it… an item for another day).

This means, if you check back in on the 1st each month, you’ll find a new pattern added to the Cross Stitch Patterns Library and available for FREE to subscribers.

This was the first pattern I’ve ever designed for a darker fabric, too. On a lighter fabric, the colors would likely appear far more muted, but still really cool. But on black Aida, I LOVE that it stands out so much! And of course, I’m using my brand new DIY needle minder (and still haven’t lost the same needle, which is a first).

monstera leaf cross stitch pattern - work in progress

Obviously, many of these photos will be Photoshopped unless I actually complete them myself. I want to make sure most of these are good-enough patterns, that the colors show up well, etc., so I’m trying to do the first few until I get my pattern-making instincts figured out. I also took a little time this week to create images that I can use as templates to Photoshop patterns onto (for those that don’t know, an image that’s laid flat like this is called a “flatlay” — they can be super challenging to do well!). Then, they’ll be more digitally created rather than me actually stitching every single new pattern (I like cross stitch a lot, but it doesn’t need to be every piece of art in my home, ha).

I genuinely hope you enjoy these! If you make one of my patterns, please tag me on Instagram so I can see them being created. Happy stitching, and don’t forget to pin this post for later!

swiss cheese plant leaf cross stitch

What other patterns have you always wanted to do but haven’t seen before? Maybe I can work a few in for 2019.

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  1. Love this pattern and I can’t wait to see each new pattern every month! I have been doing cross stitch since my first stint in college 10 years ago (currently working on a second Bachelor’s degree), and yes, it is so relaxing.

  2. Oh that is a great pattern! Thank you! I would love ro make this for my “plant-lady” DIL!

  3. Oh that is a great pattern! Thank you! I would love ro make this for my “plant-lady” DIL!
    _–ooops, getting an”404 Error” message from the library for the leaf pattern.

    1. Noted! Fixed and since you left your email address, look to your inbox for the new link (I have ZERO clue how the file up and disappeared, so trying to figure that out after everyone gets the new link).

  4. I was so disappointed… :( It said the pattern wasn’t there when I clicked on the link from the cross stitch library.

    1. I’m not really sure what happened… the PDF file disappeared (and it was the ONLY PDF file that did so… the rest are still there). So weird. But if you try again the link is back in action (and since you left your email in your comment, I will email you the same link as well). Sorry for the temporary confusion. This monthly share is still new so bear with me to work out the kinks!

      1. No problem. Just thought you would like to know it wasn’t working :) Thanks for the pattern!

        1. I just now tried accessing the library and the pattern using your first name and email address and was able to access the pattern. Double-check that you’re entering your info correctly. Thanks!

    1. I wouldn’t call them advanced at all. The “cross stitch” is pretty simple (making an X with thread — there are a few video snippets like on my PSL coffee mug video that you can see me making this stitch… I’ll put it on my to-do list to create a basics tutorial as well for beginners). I use this one type of stitch on every pattern thus far. The leaf patterns have lots of colors, but it’s all the same stitch. I deliberately designed them this way so they can be done by beginners.