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It’s one of those weeks again. Where I’m making progress on the house, getting laundry done… and then bam.

Oh, right, I have something due in this class.
And this quiz is due Wednesday.
And I need to meet with my classmates to spend four hours negotiating a contract as an exercise for another class.

Basically, the time has come once again where the hours are disappearing and finals are approaching. But after that, I have a blissful month off of school to regroup and power through the holidays. I see a lot of sawdust in my future.

So, when I’m not studying or finishing class assignments, what am I doing? Well, for one, I’m thinking about the tools I want to buy. My top three:

A schmancy new drill. One that has a lithium ion battery, fits in my small hand, and lasts forever.

circular saw. I big fat puffy-heart love my miter saw. But I want a circular saw for when I take on the dining room. I’ll explain why later.

And finally, a palm router. I just want one. I don’t really have a project in mind. But I can’t stop thinking about making a table or bookshelves or a bench with routed edges.

The drill is a gotta-have-pronto kind of thing, but the other two can wait. So I’ll likely wind up buying all three when I’ve had a lousy day at work. Ha.

What tools are you daydreaming of buying lately?

(Psst:  this post contains affiliate links, which means if you were to purchase something, I may a teensy little bit if you click. But seriously, I like these tools and I do a LOT of research before I buy. My bank account will be feeling the impact of all three of these very soon!)


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  1. I have that Makita drill, and it is THE BEST!!! We used DeWalts at school and they didn't fit in my hand. And the battery life is the bomb. Recently bought a DeWalt circular saw though and it has been good to me. Also, I drool over routers as well. They can make a project from good to great in one simple step.

    You are making me so jealous that I still live in an apartment, and also hopeful that I will be able to transform a house when I finally get one! Keep up the good work!

  2. We have the makita drill and have really liked it so far- definitely a good buy! The only problem is that if you leave the battery charging in the station (for a long time… like a week? oops.) it dies- like won't charge anymore. Luckily there's two batteries for the two drills so it's still good. Just letting you know so you don't make the same mistake!

  3. I am definitely putting tools on my Christmas wish list. I want a table saw and mitre saw so that I can tackle some molding and some wood projects. Your tool list looks super cool and I cant wait to see what you do with the circular saw.

  4. Ditto the lithium ion drill. I've been borrowing one from a friend for a while, and the batteries are just amazing. I feel like I never need to charge it.

    The circular saw will help for the next round of tin siding that I'll be cutting either later this year or early spring. The sheets are 4'x12' – not exactly table saw ready. I've already done one side, but the saw was on loan from my dad.