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As the year is drawing to a close, quite frankly, it’s time to take a break. Between bathroom remodels, flooring installation, priming, painting, sanding (not in that order), hanging, patching, moving, etc…We. Are. Tired.

And the housewarming party is over. So, Scott and I have decided to create our own kind of domestic (and economic) recovery:  no more big projects for the rest of the year.

I am aware that this kind of a declaration is virtual blogicide – so let me clarify before you unfollow. I have been so busy redoing the house, I haven’t allowed myself much time to actually enjoy it. So, what does this mean for you, my readers? Christmas crafts. Tutorials. Small projects. Gift ideas. And finally finishing off those little things that get left behind.

Even if it’s only for one month, our recuperation will be just the kind of time we need to recharge our batteries and head into 2011 with new projects, new DIY ideas, and the kind of energy I used to have just a few months ago.

Time to spend weekends out enjoying friends instead of in the backyard digging a hole. As fun as that can be sometimes for a certain few…

I prefer tacky sweaters and eggnog with fellow Christmas enthusiasts…

I, for one, can’t wait to enjoy my first Christmas as a first time homeowner. I remember walking into this house and knowing exactly where the tree was going to go.

I just didn’t realize there would be a beautiful new floor underneath and two pretty chairs next to it! Kinda makes me wonder what the next year will bring.

So, I guess what I’m saying is that you might want to stick around. Lots of Christmas goodies are coming, and I’ve already had the opportunity to make a $4 wreath – with superglue of all things! And, seeing the increase in interest in the last couple of weeks, I’ll be keeping up my two-post-per-day pace. I guess while I’m relaxing, I’ll still have enough for 50 or more posts! Let’s get this December ball rolling with a couple sneak peeks, shall we?


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  1. You may have noticed I pretty much put my drill down in September to just enjoy making new decorations and feathering my nest. I wanted to relax and enjoy our first real holiday season since the fire, so I'm right there with you.

    We'll get the tools back out in January. For now, grab the hot glue and I'll meet you in the craft room.

  2. I hear ya. We'll pretty much be doing the same until next year rolls around. Decorating and enjoying… so relaxing. :)