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After my three-day orientation for my MBA (which was this past weekend), I’m pretty sure blogging/project-making in bed will simply not be an option anymore when I add reading and spreadsheet-making to the list. Well, at least, no longer a good option. And it really wasn’t even a good one before, but it suited my laziness so long as I could catch a drop or two of glue in time.

Yes, I’m confessing to crafting in bed at night while watching TV. Just like I confessed to crafting in the recliner while watching TV. I would be more ashamed of the bedsheets I ruined by spilling glue on them, but I bought the sheets at Ikea, and we all know that means I cost myself about twenty cents. And then they can be reused as drop cloths just like I reused the old lady’s curtains.

But back to the point.  I think I’m finally ready to accept the fact that Hoarders is never going to call with an intervention on my “studio” space. I’m going to have to suck it up, clean out the damn thing (again), and finally create that desk I’ve been talking about (and buying materials for).

Tests. Real deadlines. Work, blogging, school, and making a modest attempt at advertising requests (though I am not complaining about that – keep ’em coming folks). It’s time to hunker down and accept that I need to have one finished room if I can ever hope to breathe again.

And you know what’s good for making a great office space? A tight deadline like January 12th (which is when school begins). And the acknowledgement that this also means I’m totally going back on my previous goal of not adding any more projects to my to-do list before school starts.

Can you tell I’m already overwhelmed at the thought? (“If you give a mouse a cookie…”)

I suppose I could blame the instructor who flat-out said that if I have any projects I need to finish, that I do them now before my life is taken over by textbooks and case studies.

This is the first time that something is going to come off the to-do list for the undetermined future. As much as I’d like to finish the bathroom, paint the kitchen, and re-do the office on top of my already ambitious schedule for Christmas decorating, something has to give. And that something, unfortunately, is the kitchen. No pretty white cabinets before school starts. Bummer.

Hey, at least the walls in the craft office studio are already painted. But I’ll probably paint them again, since the whole pale turquoise thing was when I expected this space to just be for crafting and hobbies (I had something like this in mind). No, now it’s also my environment in which to get myself to study. And turquoise isn’t really the color that says Sarah, it’s time to get serious.

Maybe navy? The white desktops I purchased will turn into a major focal point if I darken the walls.

Perhaps Kelly green? No. Actually, absolutely not. What’s good for my jewelry isn’t necessarily going to make me hit the books. But this office sure looks swanky, doesn’t it?

And while my heart says more gray, I know that by the time I get around to painting the living room (again), I’ll have drab overload. Color is my friend, and will be embraced in this room (that was more talking to my self than you).

I just have to figure out which. Wish me luck, and please feel free to suggest your own colors (oh, and no wallpaper suggestions, please. Stencils are awesome, but I’ve already removed more wallpaper than I’ll ever want to see again)!

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  1. I am all over the navy! It would look so fabulous with the white desk you're considering, plenty MORE white, a few gold accessories and maybe even a little red. Okay, now I have to stop; I now have an entire office designed in my head!

    Can't wait to see it!


  2. I love the navy room. I could totally hit the books in that space. I just found your site. We also just bought a 1980's eyesore and have so much work ahead of us. It's nice to see some of your progress! Good Work!

  3. I'm a fan of the navy too. I'd just be worried with those dark colours, the comfy chair and the fire place that it'd be too cosy to get anything done, I'd constantly be nodding off!