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I’ve noticed something as I’ve gotten busier:  I’ve stopped making as many to-do lists. Other than the last two weeks, I don’t think I’ve written a to-do list in nearly six months. I have been asking myself why, but I’m not exactly sure; I suppose it was an unconscious experiment to see how far life would descend into chaos without them. What I’ve learned is that:

  • I’m still alive.
  • So is Charlie.
  • The car, bills, and everything else are all still paid for.
  • I’ve gotten busier.
  • I don’t think I’ve felt as much stress without a looming list of things I haven’t done yet staring back at me.

However, there are times when listmaking is very exciting. And since announcing yesterday that I’ll be expecting some helping hands this fall, I thought it would be the perfect time to look at the various to-dos in the kitchen, good ol’ fashioned list-style. I’ve been putting off this project for too long. It’s coming, baby. And I’m excited.

kitchen 2013

I already have a game plan for most of these items (I’ve had three years to think about it, after all). While nothing has really been purchased yet, I’m working up a design/mood board as we speak to put everything together. That will be coming later this week!

P.S. I’ve mentioned that I’ll be attending the Haven conference in Atlanta this week. My clothes will probably be wrinkled, and I’ll probably forget my toothbrush (sorry in advance, Pamela). If you are attending and you want to find me, I’ll more than likely be the loud one in the corner or at the bar grabbing another beer. Really. I can be very awkward. Call me The Ugly Girl if ya feel like it. And I like hugs just fine. 

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  1. I say this is a GREAT list. I would tackle the cabinets and wallpaper with helping hands because, well, those suck the most for me. And I love that the graphic is featured with a COMING: WINTER 2013, like it’s a movie. Can I get advanced screening tickets?! ;)

  2. I am getting my popcorn ready for this!

    Everybody who is going to the Haven Conference, please pack an extra toothbrush for Sarah…

  3. Sarah – one thing to think about in your kitchen – the thing that stuck out to me – the odd cabinet over the micro. What about taking all the cabinets to the same height with some kind of filler so that are all at the same height – and then add crown molding? just s thought…

    1. Yeah, the cabinets started out all the same. When my uncle visited last time, he moved those cabinets up and helped me install the microwave. I’m thinking of adding molding to balance things out a little more visually, but still looking into options. That can always be done after-the-fact too, so I’m planning to paint it first to see how much it really stands out.

  4. This is so exciting! I am really glad you chose to tackle the kitchen–you will be so happy you did! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your design ideas. I have to say it looks like your kithen is really at a great starting point! Are you thinking of an island? It looks as if you have room. I have seen some clever ones. And I know you love IKEA:) Great choice!!! Oh, and it is kindy wonky with the high cabinets above the microwave–have you considered bringing it to the ceiling with a fake front and molding? I think Layla (The Lettered Cottage) did this in their older home–could be wrong. You wanted suggestions right?

    1. My post got messed–it was meant to say Ikea Island Hacks–some great ideas out there in “tute” land.(before the “clever ones” sentence.)

    2. Good eye! I’m considering adding molding for balance, but definitely wouldn’t want to bring it to the ceiling – in my opinion, soffits (that’s what the look is called) go in and out of style, and I think it makes kitchens look dated and closed in sometimes. Visually, it doesn’t bother me so much in person and I think both paint and molding will fix the slight wonkiness (and you’re right, Layla did something similar, but she didn’t bring hers all the way up to the ceiling either – after paint, it looks more balanced). And yes, I think I have room for an island, and it would bring a lot of (needed!) function to the kitchen. Ikea is definitely on the list of places for inspiration (and possibly my countertops).

      1. Yes, you are right (of course!) and you could balance it out with just bringing it up but not all the way to the ceiling! I love what you can do with the butcher block counters from ikea–featured so often in mags. I am so excited for you!!!! Enjoy your down time;)

  5. I actually like that the cabinets above the microwave are higher than the rest. I think it’s a great look and adds some visual interest instead of just a straight line. I wish mine were like that but haven’t taken the time to do it. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

  6. Looking forward to seeing the transformation. Have fun at Haven! I hope you post about it lots so we can live vicariously through you. Beer drinking included.

  7. After the last post and this one, It will be great to see the kitchen evolve as the handy helpers and yourself tackle this part of your renovation. Good luck!

    Cheers, Col

  8. What a great remolding list! I love to work on my house, I actually just got these new work shoes so I can’t wait to start my new project! Cant wait to see yours come along!

  9. Ohhh the kitchen. That is definitely an area in our house that needs to be updated too. We are expecting our first little one though, so all priorities prior to finding out we were pregnant have gone out the window. One day we will tackle the kitchen! Good luck!