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As I mentioned yesterday, there were a number of to-do items tackled this weekend thanks in large part to my mom and grandmother coming over for a visit last Saturday (a big thanks to them both!). Priming the cabinets (and my ultra-perfectionist streak) has mostly been a one-man job, so I chose a different game plan for how to put them both to work:  Granny folded laundry (which was both desperately needed and a chore I find akin to being pecked to death by a duck) while Mom tackled two more of the fifteen wall surfaces in the house that need a coat of Benjamin Moore’s Dove Wing (color matched to Behr paint).

Shame on me for not taking before photos just as she got started, but the results are hard to argue with:

Yep, much better. And that’s two more coats that I don’t have to do, which is pretty damn awesome. Even Charlie seemed to like it (but as usual, was still distracted by the window directly behind me).

And it’s a far cry from where it all began three and a half years ago (ha, the vent & outlet for the wall were off then too!):

Tomorrow, finally, I’ll have enough edited photos of the kitchen to show you what the priming process has been like so far – along with a sneak peek of the new color. Fingers crossed that I can get a couple coats done by the time class starts on Saturday.

How about you? Got any project goals for the week?

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  1. That’s great progress! I love the contrast of dark topped stairs with the white around it

  2. I just started (literally an hour ago) ripping up the carpet on my stairs. I’m excited/nervous/scared about what a task it will be. My house is only a year and a half old but the carpet is cheap and I’m just not a fan. I do have a question, seeing that you have Charlie, how do the stairs do with dog hair? I have two dogs and have to vacuum often with the carpet. Is it more visible with the stairs painted or does it just sweep away easier since there’s nothing to really grip it and keep it in place in the corners and crevices?

  3. EEEEKKKKK! Classes start on Saturday?? :/ But the end is in sight, correct? This will be your last semester? (I hope I am remembering that correctly!) I am excited to see your progress! You are so clever to get your helpers to do other jobs. That way you cover more bases and get the cabinets done your way. Smart woman!

    1. Yep! At laaaaast… my lonely (school) days are over soon. I am really looking forward to that finish line :)

  4. It looks really good. The difference between the old and new is dramatic.

    It is funny you ask if I have any projects going on. I am remodeling a condo in SoFl. I found your site on a search for a Level 5 finish. I have decided to do Level 4 finish myself and hire some guys to come in and spray a Level 5 finish with USG Tuff-hide.

    I just looked at some cabinets today for my kitchen. I would like to put new doors on the ones I have, but I am not sure if that is going to work. I will probably get some decent wood cabinets and paint them. Since I am nothing but a glorified painter, I would like to try my hand at a smooth lacquer finish like Poggenpohl.