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I was on a mission to Garden Ridge to find outdoor pillows. Why outdoor pillows? For the outdoor furniture I don’t have. But I’ve seen some orange and yellow geometric pillows one a few blogs lately (like these pictures from C.R.A.F.T. and the below one from Its Overflowing), found they were from Garden Ridge, and thought I’d check things out. So basically, the trip was totally pointless (it didn’t wind up that way, but I can’t say I had a good reason for going).
yellow and orange geometric pillows
Garden Ridge is one of those crazy hit and miss types of places. In one store, you can find Christmas trees in July…

christmas trees

… scary ass lawn decor…

scary lawn decor

… and handheld bug zappers shaped like a tennis racket. I wouldn’t call myself a redneck, but there is NO WAY I could handle this toy tool in the house and not attack someone with it.

handheld electric bug zapper

A long time ago, I even found my dining room rug at Garden Ridge for $50. The deals are definitely worth searching for if you have the time. The store is huge – definitely not a quick in and out sort of place.
gray and white trellis dining room rug
Still, after spending nearly an hour looking at life-size London phone booths, Adirondack chairs in every color, and finding new storage containers for the panty (more on that project when I give it the ol’ makeover), I found myself wondering, “Where the heck is that pillow aisle?”
Then, I found it.
Garden Ridge pillows
And another.
And five or six more. I lost count. I was a little overwhelmed.
aisles of pillows
And yes, I stood in that aisle taking a picture of myself. Several times. No shame.
Can you believe out of all of these, I still didn’t buy a single pillow? I did buy a few other things, some of which I’ll share tomorrow. Later this week, I’ll also be sharing some finds from the I <3 Thrifting event. Here’s to the start of a thrifty week!

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  1. I absolutely love Garden Ridge! You are exactly correct that it is a hit and miss place, but there are so many different things you can get there. We actually received one of those handheld bug zappers at our Tool and Gadget Party before we got married. I thought we would never use it, but we took it to our house at the Tennessee River. There have been many of nights that a good laugh has been received from that thing. It actually does a good job zapping bugs, too.

    For Such A Time As This

  2. Now that's a huge selection of throw pillows. Glad you got some best buys on that store.

  3. I think you meant storage containers for your pantry, not “panty.” I hope you know that I am still sitting here giggling about the possibilities for an elaborate panty organizational system. :)

  4. LOL, yes! Totally meant pantry. Saw it earlier today at work and couldn't change it. But think of the possibilities! I certainly wouldn't put the two in the same room (One goes in the closet, the other in the kitchen. But I'll let you decide which).

  5. I just went to Garden Ridge for the first time and went nuts taking pictures for a blog post. You're right, there's tons of pillows (and bookcases, and chairs, and mirrors, and decor both good and bad…) and you should plan on spending some time there. And also don't take the kids with you.

  6. Sarah, I have the exact same gray/white rug. I also purchased mine at Garden Ridge last summer for $50.