Leaf Wreath cross stitch

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Hello, February! Things have been moving along quickly with our house search this month, and I’m excited to be sharing (hopefully soon) what that means for our big move. In the meantime, I have several new things coming your way this month, including a brand new cross stitch pattern: this spring-inspired greenery wreath. I included a name in the middle, which I think fits well for those that want to personalize (it shouldn’t be too hard for you to insert your own names and dates).

wreath frame cross stitch pattern with names, dates, and greenery that would be perfect for marking an anniversary

It’s already starting to warm up here in Georgia, and usually around February, I want to make something that has some sort of “love” theme in honor of Valentine’s Day. In the past, I’ve done rainbow letters, lovebirds, flowers, etc. This year, I thought I’d give something to those of you who like personalization. In the pattern, I’ve got the lettering stitched out, which you can skip entirely and create your own words (I don’t supply an alphabet, but it’s pretty easy to make it up as you go along, with either full cross stitches or by backstitching).

My thinking was that the wreath frame could stay the same, and you can insert your own quote, names, anniversary or wedding date, etc. Whatever feels special to you and makes sense for how you wish to display the wreath. These frames seem to be a popular wedding cross stitch category online, so I might wind up making more of them for the paid membership site (NeedleSpark) if there seems to be enough activity on this pattern. Details below!

Leaf Wreath cross stitch
pattern details

Wreath Frame Cross Stitch Pattern

Add a little greenery to your walls and personalize as you see fit!

  • Designed for 14 count Aida
  • Full counted cross stitches only
  • DMC floss colors: 28
  • Size: approximately 8.1 in. x 7.6 in. (20.5 cm x 19.4 cm)
  • 113 x 107 stitches

Because of the “realistic” look to the leaves, there are more colors with this pattern than I usually go for, but the color variation really helps to make the leaves pop. I have a thing for bluish-silver leaves, so I chose eucalyptus as one of my inspiration images for the greenery. Happy stitching and I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Hi there! I’m a bit new to cross stitch, I’ve only really done ready made kits so far, but I’m keen for a challenge and I love this pattern! I just wondered what size hoop you’d recommend for the final design? The finished design size is listed as 20.5cm x 19.4cm, would a 9inch/22.86cm hoop be a bit too small and make it look cramped? Would a 10inch/25.4cm hoop be better??
    Thanks so much!!

    1. I guess it depends on your subjective opinion if a 9 inch hoop would be too small? Keep in mind you can still refit it to a larger hoop after you’re done (you might need to wash it to get the hoop marks out, but people commonly wash their finished works after they are done and before framing).