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Remember this inspiration photo?

I lucked out at Garden Ridge the other day and found these pretty, petite versions for only $2.99 apiece:

Since they are a bit smaller than the inspiration pic, I placed them on some silver chargers instead of hanging them on the back of the chair; the scale seems more appropriate here. I also worked on a yarn-covered tree that wound up looking like this:

to add to the pale-on-pale color scheme. I actually really like how soft and cozy it feels to the touch – very “winter” to me. I’ve added in two more that I purchased from Target and varying sizes from the craft store that aren’t yet finished (waiting for inspiration to strike, I suppose).

The only thing ruining the photo is the hideous wallpaper in the background. But, I need to remind myself, I’m taking a break from those kinds of projects. Focus on pretty. It’s got a little further yet to go, but I’m loving the creative process while it sits on my table. What do you think of my pale interpretation so far?

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  1. I like it! I've always loved the cone-shaped trees, and I really like your yarn interpretation. And yes – I do that “just ignore that there's no floor baseboards and that the fireplace is ugly, mmmkay?” bit all the time. ;)


  2. “Please ignore that I haven't completely mudded the ceiling and there are wires hanging in the dining room where this ceiling fan should be.” We all have that T-shirt.

    Your trees look adorable, and I'm really glad you found your wings! That kind of score is an unspoken triumph.

  3. Love the twine tree.. great contrast to the glittery ones.
    Look on the bright side, the wall paper could be huge brown and orange psychedelic flowers. ;o)
    Jo xx