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Today’s my birthday. Going to see my dad for lunch to celebrate our special day together (for those who haven’t been reading long, my dad and I share our birthday) and then out to dinner tonight, but otherwise don’t have many plans. To tell the truth, I really don’t even have much of a subject for a blog post. So I’m going to extend my recovery from finals to include today and just take it easy. And do some window shopping online.

And just to keep this post the teensiest bit home related, here are my current picks on Etsy for stuff I’d love to add to my accessories or my growing art collection (frames purchased, but the art for the gallery wall is still being collected). Click to go to each shop.

emerald green multifaceted eco resin bangle with metallic gold flakes – RosellaResin
a little risqué, but I love the colors – Red Stockings – silverridgestudio
Kaleidoscope watercolor – YaoChengDesign
Umbrella Girl – hellosmallworld
New York watercolor – silverridgestudio
delicate cluster ring – museglass

I think one of the perks about being a single gal is that I get to still be immature about my birthday. I get to make it my birthday week, spoil myself, and have dinner with all of my friends. In fact, none of my friends could get together on exactly the same day, so I’m having separate birthday dinners with each of my friends for the next week and a half – for no good reason other than it will just be a nice excuse to get both of us to commit to going somewhere after work. For some reason, turning 29 makes me want to act like I’m 19.

A couple of my friends have toddlers celebrating their birthdays this week too. I can’t help but find that part funny – I’m getting invited to the kiddos parties, when all I want to do is celebrate like an adult. Okay, so the stuffing my face part is still the same as toddlers do, but I’m still enjoying being childless.

Guess who else shares this week for a birthday? My sweet pup, Charlie. She really doesn’t care about it as long as she gets a taste of whatever it is I’m eating.

Charlie turns 2!

To anyone else who shares this popular birthday week, I hope you have a good one!

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  1. Happy Birthday to you, your dad, Charlie and all those kiddos! On my 29th birthday, I was chasing a 2-year old and contemplating having another, so I could have two before 30. I did make that goal, by 32 days ;)

    Have fun celebrating your birthday week and a half – have a few drinks for me m’kay?

  2. In the words of the immortal Garfield: Let’s get cake-faced!
    Happy, happy birthday (week)!

  3. Happy Birthday! I love how you get the birthday week and a half! When you get older it gets sooo sad. I make my own cake and not that I don’t like eating it but I do it more for my girls. Aside from the cards that float in (and still a few checks–thank you!) it is really nothing but my husband trying to get me to commit to some wonderful meal he can make. The best part is probably the sweet cards my girls make for me. It all changes so enjoy these free meals and the kids cupcakes!!! In the end I guess I don’t really care to go out anyway–just have everyone happy, get long, relax–you know–the simple stuff.

  4. I NEED THAT CUPCAKE. Also, props on spreading out the birthday celebrations. I frequently claim two weekends for mine if I have a midweek birthday. I feel like it’s the least the world can do after giving me a Wednesday birthday.

  5. Happy belated birthday to you, Charlie and your dad! And like you, I have a week-long birthday celebration too. Friends can be difficult to gather due to schedule.