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Homegoods and Target… they get me every time.

I should know by now that there’s no such thing as a “quick” trip to Target, but I still haven’t seemed to learn. Let’s take a look inside the shopping bag, shall we?

Normally I don’t purchase paintings. I enjoy painting and will often just copy an image I like onto canvas, then hang it in my own home. But something about this painting made me bring it home. I have two different spots in the house for it, so it may take me time before I actually hang it, but the top contender is just above this part of the wall where I’ve placed it for this picture:

New, bright bedsheets. At Target, this pattern actually comes in several colors (including gray, which you know I’m obsessed with), but the blue is what came home with me. I think it’s because the blue is so cheerful, and it’s no secret that I’m really anxious for spring. Anyone else out there sick of it being dark when you come home from work, too? Talk about a lack of motivation. Perhaps waking up with a bright pattern will make me feel more awake and ready for the day, even if the sun is still hiding.

Also for the bed, I’ve picked up a gray quilt that has a slight bluish hue. Although the duvet cover was being washed at the time of this pic, I think the blue sheets + white duvet + light gray quilt will work wonderfully together. The only thing missing are some bright patterned pillows, and then I’ll be ready for spring and summer. I think I may need some tips on staging a bed, so if anyone has a tutorial, feel free to link up in the comments.

That’s it for my shopping bag for now. While it’s not all that I picked up this past week, it’s all that I had time to snag a pic of before work. Enjoy!

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  1. That's one thing we do share- it's still dark when I get home, and it's dark when I leave. I want some weekday daylight.

    I've been eying that painting at Target as well. Very nice choice.

  2. I went painting shopping at Target this week too and didn't find anything…or should I say I found one thing only know the hubs won't approve. Looks great!b

  3. I am loving that painting! Also, I gave you a little award over at my blog. Have a wonderful week!